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  1. Perhaps you just need to try to think creatively.
  2. Speak for yourself, I find the planet Venus to be quite tasty. On a serious note, I've never tried a papaya (despite my name).
  3. I absolutely can't stand peas. As for drinks, I'm not a huge fan of tea.
  4. Hello. This is my first entry. It was quite hard matching this smiley to a summer theme, but if it's unclear this poor girl can't eat her lovely ice cream because the birds got to it... Full screen
  5. Boooo. Paya (1489174980)
  6. Hello again everyone, So, I received some backlash for using a tablet in my entries, due to it being misconstrued as a form of cheating. So, for the purposes of proving that having a tablet, in itself, does not significantly improve the quality of my doodles (in regards to the shading + general neatness) and to challenge myself I attempted to re-do my Vaporeon entry (the more difficult out of the two, in my opinion) using only a mouse. Please note this is not a re-submission as those are against the guidelines, this is me simply trying to prove a point. Please do not count this as a submission for the contest and do not judge it. Full chat (The lack of dood should confirm that no tablet was used in this) (Bella said I could do this, just to clarify that I'm not breaking any rules)
  7. @Five Draw rbhot (from ricebowl) and kat10 (from kat) Also can someone choose me soon please because apparently I now need to practise using a mouse for my entry ¬.¬
  8. I'm also a bit confused. I'm wondering why only certain people have been chosen and how this affects this contest? I think if it was for an entirely different contest then it should have been left until closer to when the new contest would begin, since we still have over two weeks until this one is officially meant to end. Also I'm guessing a trend event is a name that Dimple has given for these types of contests? If not then I'm not sure.
  9. Your Mareep is very cute though. I admire anyone who can draw well with a mouse- I certainly don't have the patience for it! Mind you, I tend to use a trackpad. If I tried to use an external mouse I'm not sure what the results would be If this is the sort of thing you like to do often though a tablet is a good investment.
  10. Lol, it's a relatively basic graphics tablet. If you just look up Wacom you'll see the sort of range they have- I use a bamboo, which is quite a few years old now. Also the fact that I've been using doodle for a few years helps
  11. Might as well post my other entry. If you can't guess which Pokémon this is then I have failed Full picture Explanation for image link same as in my previous entry.
  12. I get a vegetarian pizza- but without the mushrooms. It may vary across different restaurants, but I normally get sweetcorn, peppers, red onion, tomato and, as an extra, pineapple.
  13. These are some amazing doodles! I'm looking forward to entering this contest ~Reserving this space, just so it doesn't look like I'm posting off-topic. My first entry: vaporeon! Full screen: https://prnt.sc/fsikhl To clarify the image link in the picture, I needed to use dood because the doodle app would constantly stop responding when I used my tablet. In order to be able to complete this picture, I would save it once the app stopped responding, reupload it and then continue. I can assure you that no third-party apps were used to create this image, and would be happy to post the progress pics to resolve any confusion.
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