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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas. I asked Chelly if I could host this contest on Game and she agreed. I will take place from December 27th to December 30th as suggested, in the evening. As there were not as many game suggestions as I would have like, I will ask before starting everyday on Game, but one things is sure : agar.io and haxball contests are happening. Hope this works, and good luck to all the participants.
  2. Well I wanted to make something different, something that xat users are not used to. To me, it sounds more fun. Do you like xat games that much ?
  3. Thanks for your suggestions @Meow, I'll take a peek at it when I have time. Just one question : is there a spectate mode on slither.io ?
  4. HUGE CHRISTMAS CONTEST WHAT IS IT ABOUT ? As I am leaving xat soon, I decided to put all of my powers (everypower) into play for Christmas. The contest will probably take place at http://xat.com/Game . I was approved to be the prize holder by xat volunteers : https://gyazo.com/79bf3e67d65b9e5907eb0959421aee58 . IMPORTANT I don't know when most people are on vacation, please reply to this post with an appropriate date (it might take several days though). To make this contest even bigger, suggest online games that everyone can play and that referees will be able to spectate. GAMES I was thinking about playing non-xat games. These ones are the best ideas I've come up with so far : agar.io haxball Again, I am open to any suggestion for non-xat games that chosen referees will be able to spectate. RULES In order to identify each player, you will have to use your regname if you are playing. As the reward will be split into big parts (5 to 10K, but not decided yet), if you win one game you will have to skip two. If the referee can't determine exactly who won, the game will be restarted. Any form of cheating (using bots in agar.io to get mass for example) will result in a disqualification for all the rest of the contest. OTHER INFORMATION To make it easier for us to spectate on agar.io, I might ask you to install an extension (http://ogario.ovh/) so we can follow everyone and have a real-time ranking among xat users. Some of the rules might change as I am not fully sure (and as I have certainly forgotten a lot of things), and if you have any questions, just ask. Anyway, I just have to say good luck to anyone who is willing to participate.
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