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  1. Happy Pride Month! I always like to remind people of the United States that, while celebrating the LGBT communities' progress, we really owe a lot to those who fought in the Stonewall Uprising. The Stonewall Inn was considered a safe place for LGBT since the family who owned the Inn had bribed New York's precinct to leave the Inn alone. The family would usually receive word from corrupt police on incoming raids to the Inn, giving bartenders enough time to hide alcohol (illegally sold without a liquor license, since liquor licenses were not given to those who sold to LGBT patrons). 


    On June 28th, the Inn was raided but wasn't tipped off this time. Following the raid, the riots began simply because patrons of the Inn and members of the LGBT communities were tired of how police were treating them--this raid was just the tipping point. 


    A year after the raid, a parade formed marching from the Stonewall Inn to Central Park, with the chant "Say it loud, gay is proud."


    Many countries are still fighting this battle. Before celebrating the progress, it's important to remember how far we've come and how grateful we in America are to even have this opportunity. To the countries still fighting this battle, we (or at least I) fight with you. Thank you.

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  2. 7 hours ago, LiaMarie said:

    Hello fellow xatters. June is pretty much here and so is Pride month, which brings me to suggest the "Pride" pawn. I've been on xat for almost a decade and i've met many people who are a part of the lgbt community, myself included. This would be a cute idea -- not only for ourselves to use, but also for those who are supportive of the community. Below you can see 5 different examples of the types of pawns that would be included, each one representing a segment in the lgbt+. 

    I apologize for doing this on such short notice and if my explanation is absolute trash but I hope you like my idea. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


    (from left to right: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, non-binary)


    I'm 100% in favor of this idea. However it can best be implemented to be available throughout June (maybe permanently?) is how I believe it should be implemented.

  3. 1 minute ago, Actavus said:

    That is true,

    xat disabled bots features to see other user's transfers.


    In my opinion xat needs to add a feature similar to events power for transfers.
    They can then just limit your ability to see your own send/received transfers. (Maybe even require 2 step authentication enabled to access it).

    I'd 100% support a power like this. It would help with the resellers and intense traders to keep a record of their transfers and trades. It would also help me realize where my days went and who I sent them to :P

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  4. This is one of the most put together power suggestions I've seen in a long time. I'd love for a sly nod smiley to be made, like 'sup nod :$ Overall great suggestion!

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  5. I like this idea. What if this were turned into StatusPLUS, where new features such as a limited time status were added? [Ex, if I'm playing a game, I could set a status for "Bump if Needed" for 1 hour on xat.com/help, and then have it cleared in one hour]

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  6. Hello,


    No user can simply delete your account. Remember, xat staff will NEVER ask for your password or threaten to delete your account. I recommend ignoring this user using the ignore feature in the chat.

  7. There's no harm in a user adding you, in my opinion. Powers such as Single, NoPC, NoPM, and PCPlus are designed to prevent you from, essentially, being bothered. Some people don't want to be married/have a BFF. Some people don't want to receive PC's/PM's from people they don't know. However, when you're added as a friend, the most that they'll know is when you're online. They won't see which chat you're at unless you have them added AND don't have NoFollow--which bots negate anyways.

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  8. I think if anything, we should at least include the option to have it scroll from left to right for inclusion purposes. To combat your negative, a Macro could be included that would disable scroll animations and just cycle the regular scroll.

    @VevrokI like this suggestion! Keep up the good work :) 

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