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  1. I wish the coffee was a pawn. That pawn was made for me.
  2. @Jaydenis also one of my favs... if i played favs... i really just love u all edit: upon further review @Sergioand @Shake are also amongst my favorites. i rly do love all the help ppl tho
  3. if i played favorites, @Daniel and @Angelo would be my favs. @miaa is my favorite help guest
  4. Prize received yesterday. Thank you @Bau
  5. This is a nice QOL change to help new users be familiar with how we handle tags. Very nice.
  6. I’m away at the moment but I will set a reminder to pvt you. Thank you!
  7. My tab is zoomed to 100%. The screenshot just appears abnormally large for some reason.
  8. Hello, I don't know what specific steps there were that led to this or if this is known. notHorizon (133593644) married Steven (400004803) and Steven divorced (around 30 seconds later). Then, this kiss appeared compressed. I dunno if this is the same for every kiss or what, but this is all I witnessed.
  9. @Bryan is the best (blowkiss)

    1. Bryan


      Aww thank you Davidpen :$ You’re the cutest

  10. David

    Max ignore

    I think with the power of HTML5 this is more likely than before. I'd be interested in just changing the Ignore feature into a block feature like other platforms with the use of a block list. The only issue I could see is if you're a mod or owner on a chat you'd have no idea if they were writing offensive messages, had an offensive name/status/homepage, etc.
  11. Happy Birthday!

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you  David    (hug)             )      

  12. David


    I really like the sound of this! Maybe the towers could be not a smiley but instead a hug. Two smileys can appear on each tower of the wall and shoot arrows at each other. Just a thought!
  13. c: My favorite feature in HTML5 is being able to see if other owners are invisible or not. ~~One feature I'd like to see improved is adding sline to the chat. I miss my custom smileys ~~ EDIT: I'm stupid, I didn't realize it took a re-sign in. My NEXT feature I'd like to see implemented is being able to drag mods and owners into the staff pool if need-be (very good for AFK mods like @LiaMarie and @Jayden).
  14. Assigning: https://prnt.sc/t4pfow Power view: https://prnt.sc/t4pgtw Sidenote, what's the 5th color in the colors category?
  15. I don't agree with this being added. If it's a real typo people can just correct it in their next message as usual. Typos happen, and none of us are any stranger to them. I can easily see this feature being abused, especially in chats that move quickly and are often heavily moderated. It adds more strain than necessary on chat staff.
  16. Thanks Lems <3 Time Stamp: https://prnt.sc/t3y61l C4: https://prnt.sc/t3y8pj gg @LiaMarie
  17. Hello! Thanks for doing this contest <3 Part 1: https://prnt.sc/t3m64q Part 2: https://prnt.sc/t3m6iv https://prnt.sc/t3m6x8
  18. David


    1. oj


      ty king

  19. happy birthday queen 

    1. Leandro


      gracias reina 

  20. Happy Pride Month!

    if you're feelin inspired or whateva read my post 


  21. Happy Pride Month! I always like to remind people of the United States that, while celebrating the LGBT communities' progress, we really owe a lot to those who fought in the Stonewall Uprising. The Stonewall Inn was considered a safe place for LGBT since the family who owned the Inn had bribed New York's precinct to leave the Inn alone. The family would usually receive word from corrupt police on incoming raids to the Inn, giving bartenders enough time to hide alcohol (illegally sold without a liquor license, since liquor licenses were not given to those who sold to LGBT patrons). On June 28th, the Inn was raided but wasn't tipped off this time. Following the raid, the riots began simply because patrons of the Inn and members of the LGBT communities were tired of how police were treating them--this raid was just the tipping point. A year after the raid, a parade formed marching from the Stonewall Inn to Central Park, with the chant "Say it loud, gay is proud." Many countries are still fighting this battle. Before celebrating the progress, it's important to remember how far we've come and how grateful we in America are to even have this opportunity. To the countries still fighting this battle, we (or at least I) fight with you. Thank you.
  22. David

    pride pawn

    I'm 100% in favor of this idea. However it can best be implemented to be available throughout June (maybe permanently?) is how I believe it should be implemented.
  23. Am I late to the game? Yes. However, welcome @xLamingand @Manu c:
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