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  1. zzzzz anyways

    1. Norman



    2. David


      omg babe im awake now bc of you thank you <3 

    3. Norman


      omg babe im breathing bc of you thank you <3


  2. twinsies

    1. Shake


      yasssss advanced member gang 😍

  3. @LiaMarieyou have a fan

  4. So... like you want xat instagram? Or like a place to upload screenshots? Or you want access to the files for the smileys? I don't understand what you're wanting.
  5. a literal icon ilysm

    1. Sergio


      Absolutely NOT. The real KING posted 36 minutes ago 😳😳

    2. David



  6. daddy

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    2. Shake


      me n who?

    3. David


      @Shakeyou and... you

    4. Shake


      @Davidnaur its true its true i do not need anyone else.

  7. i am a simp for u

    1. Sergio


      miss u lots I am the simp here

  8. Asking for clarification shouldn’t be taken offensively, and when you take offense to that it creates an even more toxic environment that makes people not want to support your suggestions. I think I understand your idea, and if what I’m reading is correct, then this may not be a new suggestion. What makes your suggestion stand out from the others? I don’t think anyone means it maliciously when they ask for more details or a picture.
  9. Thank you Maxo I'd like to extend thanks to @Ethan, @Sergio, @miaa, @miaa again, @oj, @LiaMarie, @Sanic and all of my other friends that i didn't mention that weren't already mentioned. You're all great and make me v v happy c:
  10. I feel like this would be redundant since if you sort by 9-1 you can see the latest power anyways. Unless there's something I'm missing from your suggestion?
  11. This wasn't my original idea, but this right here is my primary reason for offering to share the post. It would be like if a user was selling a collection but didn't have it displayed in their powers list. It's like adding an unnecessary risk when trading. Especially for those who aren't as experienced with trading, the lack of displaying it could cause some confusion. In my mind, it's similar to the skepticism when doubling powers was a popular scam tactic. Though this was not the purpose of this thread, I think for certain features it is better to move on to newer and more refined displays. I think since we have the option to view it the old way but are presented with this more refined way of viewing our powers, this is a good way to advance onto a newer xat.
  12. Hello, This idea is from ELDONABEEE (1519385625) to ask if it would be possible to show test powers in the powers list on HTML5. At this point in time, Test powers do not appear in the HTML5 powers list, but do appear in the trade application. Are there any plans to add this, or is there a reason that it is not already like this? Thanks!
  13. I like this idea; I'm curious to see what my trade history looks like since I'm terrible at keeping track of it myself. I think if requests like these were limited to once every year or once every six months or so it could be useful. Plus, having us submit a ticket or email for this information would help maintain the privacy, as Sloom mentioned.
  14. <3<3<3<3<3

    1. Angelo


      Oh yeah 8-) 

  15. I don't know how necessary this power is and how much use it would receive. I think with HTML5 telling guests they cannot post links should be enough. It is meant to stop random guests from posting inappropriate links. If they modify the links to be just plain text then chat staff can step in. Good suggestion though! Maybe others have different opinions.
  16. depression uwu

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    2. oj


      @Shake hiiiii yes

    3. Shake


      @ojk dms? :-* @Davidu can join too babe polygamy is our thing now

    4. David


      @Shakepolygamy is the new trend

  17. Of course @Bryan's pen self is excited. If he didn't get like 40 of these test powers then what's the point of even having kacovado
  18. feliz cumpleaños <3 :$ 

    1. Blacky


      Wooow, David writing in Spanish!! (goo)


      ¡¡Muchas gracias David!! <3


  19. its the running from your main source of pointless conflict for me

  20. I wish the coffee was a pawn. That pawn was made for me.
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