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  1. I think this is a good idea with a good solution for inappropriate messages. Moderators, Owners, and Main Owners would override this, similar to the ignore feature and similar to NoPC/NoPM being disregarded. I would like to see this implemented since it has been a while since we've had a function power.
  2. I was wondering where the Snows pawn went. rip Solange. Hopefully I can snag these powers before they get pricey (shifty) Edit: Some things just came to my attention. Why is Kris part of this collection if it doesn't have any pawns? Similarly, why is hat#h#snows a part of this collection if Snowy isn't a part of this collection? This seems really incomplete on xat's behalf, and it's doesn't make the most sense...
  3. for you gorgeous <3 


  4. Thank you Bryan and Lemona for being gracious and entertaining hosts. Oh, and thanks for the prizes too <3
  5. Please include which device you are using. Does the avatar shift to the left only when you rotate your phone?
  6. Similarly to SuperHeart and SuperHobbies, the SuperScary power image does not appear on the powers list. https://prnt.sc/pl9rjw
  7. Yep! Fixed Was able to deny storage, re-allow storage, and get to the register without any issues. Thank you!
  8. Did you try Angelo's suggestion? Again, please do not share the completed link on the forums as that will give others the opportunity to register that ID
  9. This is fantastic and can really help improve the reliability on Trading. Buying Allpowers, Everypower, and Collection Powers should be a lot less worrisome now! Someone from Trade should add this to the scroller; after hearing the features, Traders should be interested!
  10. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  11. Hello all. I'd like to propose a new power or an all around updated feature to xat. I've seen it become more common that English groups are full of people who speak multiple languages. I think this is great! However, I only speak English, and I come into contact with several users on the daily who don't speak a lick of English. Luckily, I'm a subscriber and I have access to the translator on the sidebar. But others aren't so fortunate. I'd like to suggest either a new group power called (something along the lines of) GTranslate which would allow all users to use the Translate feature, or I'd like to suggest that the translation feature simply be open to all users. I feel like a power like this could help bridge the communities of every language of xat. I would like to add that I'm not sure why the Translate feature is subscriber only; if there is a specific reason for it then I'd understand completely. Otherwise, thoughts on this?
  12. Davidss1001


    I don't think this is really necessary because Owners should be trustworthy, and if an Owner needs to be sinbinned or demoted then only a Main Owner can do that. At that point why not just ban / demote them, rather than temporarily take away their power?
  13. I agree with Bella; maybe if we narrow down the real theme of this power it could work. What if we had a skiing hug power? The skier could drag the message across the screen (right to left) before hitting a tree and all the letters will fall into the snow! This way we're still basing it off of a winter hobby, but it's specific to what you were hoping for!
  14. Are you proposing that this should be a limited power or an auction power? I think this is an interesting idea, but it kinda feels like a rip off of Everypower. Everypower lets you add the Emerald effect in Ruby Red, Gold, Purple, Blue, and Pink. I think if you could think of a smiley effect or more smilies that fit the glass theme this could be a very interesting power! Also, I think a good pawn idea would be a translucent pawn, where it's like looking through stained glass!
  15. Ugh. Seagulls at the Jersey Shore. skyrats... I also hate almost every type of bug. Flies, bees, ladybugs, etc. don't really bother me. But when you start adding more legs than any thing should ever have, or like roaches, then I'm out. Cats are the best just because they're so independent. They're a really good companion to have if you want a dog but can't put in the time a dog needs / deserves. Cats are very lowkey lol
  16. I like this idea! I hate roaches but I think a unique bug power like this would be really cool. I also like the smilies you have suggested; they fit what a roach would act like or the emotions it would emulate. I'd lower the price from 400 to 250 or 300, but otherwise +1 from me
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