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  1. I would love to travel. Unfortunately I have no money to travel :c
  2. I think this is a good idea with a good solution for inappropriate messages. Moderators, Owners, and Main Owners would override this, similar to the ignore feature and similar to NoPC/NoPM being disregarded. I would like to see this implemented since it has been a while since we've had a function power.
  3. I was wondering where the Snows pawn went. rip Solange. Hopefully I can snag these powers before they get pricey (shifty) Edit: Some things just came to my attention. Why is Kris part of this collection if it doesn't have any pawns? Similarly, why is hat#h#snows a part of this collection if Snowy isn't a part of this collection? This seems really incomplete on xat's behalf, and it's doesn't make the most sense...
  4. for you gorgeous <3 


  5. Thank you Bryan and Lemona for being gracious and entertaining hosts. Oh, and thanks for the prizes too <3
  6. Please include which device you are using. Does the avatar shift to the left only when you rotate your phone?
  7. Similarly to SuperHeart and SuperHobbies, the SuperScary power image does not appear on the powers list. https://prnt.sc/pl9rjw
  8. Yep! Fixed Was able to deny storage, re-allow storage, and get to the register without any issues. Thank you!
  9. Did you try Angelo's suggestion? Again, please do not share the completed link on the forums as that will give others the opportunity to register that ID
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