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  1. Happy birthday Nichie  (hug) 



  2. Happy birthday  Nichie

  3. Nichie

    Pawn Black

    Hello Again ! I come with my 2nd Idea and i hope that you like and consider my idea. i Added some smiles(I took the time to draw them). this power can be compatible with power Classic. 1° The Black Pawn 2.- A black feather of raven 3.- The leftover of a flying crow 4.- The famous three-eyed crow of GOT (sorry for the stain ) 5.- A smile holding a raven ( this is compatible with hands / the smile can replace for other smile power) 6.- the last one is "the shadow of a raven in the moon standing on a branch" ( The moon can be color with white, yellow or red) but this two (Ksign and Pawn black) (but I will wait for while they accept these two proposals or if they will be rejected) well That's all ... I hope it's enough smilies and be accepted... Thank You for take the time and read me! Have cute day
  4. Good idea. Thank you Bunnie

  5. Hi everybody :D ! i tried to drawing my idea and i hope you like... 1-ALL SIGN CAN USE WITH OTHER POWERS ... EXAMPLE: (inlove#mmback#ksloviu) 2-CAN CHANGE COLOR SIGNs AND THE LETTERS, but can not change the words just the ksignbk HERE IS THE DRAWNS https://imgur.com/iY8U9WB.png. 1° sign is " loviu " (Love you) scatter hearts (sparkling cute eyes like: kangoo) 2°sign is Hi" this is jumping while show high the sign 3°sign is You" this sping the sign 4° sign is "cry" crying and can hide the face with the sign https://imgur.com/PENElM7.png 5° sign ZzZ Falling down or over the head can have clouds or ZzZ 6°sign "no" moving the hand like (noway) (if have any idea with this can tell me) :D 7°sign "yes moving the head (nod) 8°sign "spam" multiplicate the sign and the " !¡" moving up and down https://imgur.com/2TkXVao.png 9° sign "kick" drop the poster(sign) and kick it or just move up and down 10° sign "ban" open and close the mouth while move the sign up and down 11° sign "out" falls back 12° sign "Ignore" turn around (give the back) 13° sign is "back" free for write https://imgur.com/undefined.png PAWNS https://imgur.com/CoVlxXu.png 3° When the user are online or in xat the pawns show "ON" and when gonne is off SORRY for bad english, i hope can understand my explain and THANK YOU SO MUCH :D
  6. :(

    1. Kopas


      Ven que te achuche (hug)

  7. All pastel colors :3 but more Pinks and light blue
  8. idk if i can question here about the power, but.. why doesnt work the face power with other back,, i try to make (catnmouse#mmback etc... and dont work... and a friends tell me that cant coloring the power (catnmouse#01010101 example. is a bug?
  9. No es justo que tomen mi idea como un power.( si es que esa es la intención de friendlist)


    se supone que iba ser gratis, ya que no lo quieren hacer en xat flash, tan siquiera en html5

    no todos tenemos el dinero para estar comprando nuestro propio bienestar en el xat.


    hasta eso tenemos que pagar para que nos dejen de molestar (?


    puff... que decepción.


    1. Leandro


      No, no lo es. Category es para hacer listas de tus amigos, y tu sugerencia es para los ignorados.

    2. Nichie


      Si, pero ya estan diciendo que esto sería perfecto para el ignore.


      pero igual me enfada, que tenga que ser power, cuando simplemente puede ser  en xat como una mejoría, así como el ignore que dure infinidad.. como un tipo upgrade. (así como cambiaron los smilies de xat sin tener que pagar)


      osea pagar por smiles clear,big,etc.. esta bien, igual pagar por nc & eso.

      pero esto no se me hace un abuso. (en mi opinión) 

      por que no todos podemos comprar... todos los powers que yo tengo son regalos de mis amigos..

      si no fuera por ellos.. yo no tendría nada de esos powers.


      pero en fin, solo espero que el ignore se puede hacer en ambos xats.

      por que un chico no me deja de molestar, y por más que le doy ignore sigue igual.


  10. The blacklist still be free without this..? yeh. but i said that the blacklist gonna be free, no a power.
  11. krainbow kwater korange rilove roheart kangel kanlove kantired ghostmon minimon hugme hug2 kpotato kwjam cplemon maheart fireback gkbear kstar ccback ricebowl popcorn fuzzy kmouse cuticorn flower kactus raccoons kxmas fairy feast kfox drop ... etc xDDD
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