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  1. i like more this idea than t~shirt.... because i like make smileys with powers, i can use the back... facee... animations..
  2. Ok... hasta apenas me di cuenta que HTML es otra versión de xat !!


    Alguien me podria ayudar/explicar cómo se usa?, porque le di clic & el fondo de mi xat se pierde por completo..?


    necesito saber de eso, si no el ignore no funcionara para mi si no uso html :(


    Y alguien sabe porque wiki al darle clic a un power para ver su movimiento, me mandar a guardar en carpeta? :(

    1. Leandro


      Por ahora no hay un ''tutorial'' para usar HTML5, pero es, en su mayoria, igual que Flash en sus funciones.

      Puedes revisar este post para que veas las actualizaciones y algunas pequeñas explicaciones sobre funciones nuevas: 

      Lo de cambiar el fondo en HTML5 para el chat es un poco complicado, y hasta creo que debes de utilizar css (por ahora).

      Y lo de la wiki, debes de descargar el archivo del smilie para poder ver su movimiento, y es necesario tener algún programa que reproduzca archivos flash o swf para poder verlos. Es mas facil ir a algun bot y escribir !ls seguido de sus nombres.

    2. Bunnie


      owww.. Gracias Leandro  ^^ 

  3. Bunnie


    Okii :D Thank you so much ^^
  4. im wanna plaaay too!! Hellooooooo! ♥
  5. Bunnie


    i can't reaction more, but thank you so much ♥ for taking the time to read and accept the proposal!. I have a question... This could be used for any chat member, too, right?(Owners, mains, moderators and members)
  6. Bunnie

    542 KBACKS

    OMG ! Are you did it this lovely power? is so KAWAII! i love it... i'm waiting for it, i hope i have lucky in store for buy it i will post my favorites too ! http://prntscr.com/nbpwtc https://prntscr.com/nbphbx https://prntscr.com/nbphdv Thank you so much for your creativity
  7. Bunnie


    About the name can be just ignore or blacklist, just i take my idea from the command !mail blacklist and he/she can't send you more messages so i want something like this https://imgur.com/ctGimF2.jpg on xat. but I repeat again that we do not have to buy (this blacklist will not be a power), because the idea is that this person dont bother . because i have nopc nopm but if i not have a day this person can talk to me when the ignore time finish.. And seriously I have been bothered since 2011 and giving ignore and ignore, but he add me in his list friend so when the ignore this finish he open private chat and bother me. so the ignore does not work for this person anymore. (and i'm not the only person that to whom he bother, i talked with friends and this person continue to bother others girls and boys)Small arrangement to the xat for the tranquility of people who want to have a good time a solution for insults or problems. Thank you (F) !
  8. Bunnie


    I hope this suggestion is approved and in this way we could see who we have ignored even if the registration name is changed. And Thank you so much for the Welcome .
  9. Holi Ratoncito (hi)

    1. Kopas


      Hola que tal estas (hug)

    2. Bunnie


      Genial, Gracias Ratoncito, & a ti como te va? ^^ (hug)

  10. Bunnie


    The power (pcplus) allows you to receive private chats from registered or subscribed users that you do not have added, even if you have NoPCenabled. Please note that the NoPC power is required for this power to function. but say "allow to private. The black list going to be a "enemies list where you can add to the people that you give the ignored . The normal option of ignore after 24 hrs this person can talk to you again, but with the "blacklist these person gonna stay ignore forever and you can stay more relax and without worry about if this person bother you again and again. something extra on xat without need to buy a power or days, like list friends. Because with the nopc or nopm if you no have day, this person can bother you...Is the reason that i don't want that my idea going to be a power Sorry for my bad english, i hope can understand what i mean or my explication be clear. Btw, im new here. ♥
  11. Bunnie


    We know that the ignore time is just 24 hrs, i want to suggestion a blacklist next to friends list. When people bother you or stalker you since long time ago and this people continue is really tired give ignore and ignore and after 24hrs and this people continue and never stop.. so please can make a blacklist next to the list friends. Please not a power, nopc and nopm not work if you no have a day. Thank you so much.
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