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  1. 10 minutes ago, Stif said:

    Sometimes changes require a triggering agent. If you don't contact them when you see something wrong, you can't expect something to change.


    Mosa3adeh is starting a new phase and transitions are not always smooth. What happened in the past wasn't easy, but with this new phase, working together will improve the chat. Be patient, share your thoughts and report what is wrong, like I said, they will do their best to help you and the Arabic community.

    Long years ago. No one did it
    Think of new developments.
    Let's reduce from others ???
    Not respecting their presence?
    What ? Is this the new changes?
    Is this what works for chat for the better.?
    Is this the best society? Who do we offer to help him for many years?
    Sorry if it was the right way. So I will not accept it.
    But it suffices me to say with pride.
    We provide help to anyone in need.
    We do not ask anything from anyone.
    And he has no right to underestimate us
    Simple concept.
    But that's how we lose a lot of society. We do not fix it.

    As it is an example: We prepare all food throughout the day.
    Then salt substitute for food. We put the dirt. ??

  2. 9 minutes ago, Stif said:

    First and foremost, this is not the right place to discuss something like this. I understand your urgency in this matter but General Support is a section to make questions about xat related issues, not to discuss actions happening in an official chat. If you're having an issue with a specific chat, click on message under the chat or contact its main owner(s) directly.


    I understand that you are unhappy with what is happening, but Mosa3adeh went through a change recently, as you certainly know, and volunteers are in charge now. You said that you don't like them, but you can trust that they will do their best to help Mosa3adeh and to improve it, you will have to work with them. If you see something wrong, report to them and they will help you with whatever is going on.

    Respect all that you said.
    But this is not enough to stop me defending what I see wrong.
    Sorry, but they do nothing.
    I dont need to send any message. While I know the duties (ignore)
    We have been here for years, not asking for a back or anything from anyone.
    But no one respects the old employees.
    If I can talk about what I see wrong.
    When I go to xat from the beginning.
    I think volunteers have a full explanation for the decisions on this.
    I am talking and I know the answer.
    Ignore, not for discussion.
    You can close the topic.
    That's what we always see.
    Under the name of providing help to others ???

  3. hello..


    Let's talk about what is happening now.
    I don't see any interest in those who waste their forces to help others.
    No one sees what happens in most official chats.
    Yes, nobody knows much.
    Reactions and turnout became somewhat non-existent.
    There are people over 12/13 years old
    Only in  Mosa3adeh chats.
    They do not need anything from anyone and do not demand anything from anyone.
    Everyone has enough and does not need anything from anyone.
    We are used to helping others.
    But no one cares about them.
    No one says thanks.
    We always get offended and inappropriate speech. From people we do not know.
    Without reason and without right.
    This happens daily. With a lot of people.

     than it does to have a clean chat.
    We know what happened with so many people.
    Whoever loses rank. etc..
    But it is not a good idea for a person to underestimate anyone else.
    I see some new changes to chat xat is beautiful.
    But I do not accept the misbehavior of those who are here only to provide assistance.
    Yes, angry at what happened in the chat ...
    I have never seen someone come and talk about problems or what we need to chat.
    I just see someone who wants to impose control. On others.
    I see when an staff mistakes. The owner speaks to him. And explain it to him.
    And  when the owner wrongs. Main owner speaks to him. And clarify it.
    This means respect for others.
    Let's discuss and not close post.
    I dont need to ignore the requirements related to us ..
    Not everything people do is true. Volunteers / Principal King / King / Supervisor Member / No matter the rank ..
    Everyone is human. I see some behavior. I don’t like volunteers ...
    Some people do not like my behavior.
    This is how life is / was not born so that everyone will be admired ..
    But I don’t need someone to diminish our existence.
    so xat will  people are lost.
    And we go back down and not up ...
    Hope there are responses. Understand what I mean.
    And not ignore as you always do ..

  4. 7 minutes ago, Stif said:

    So she's unable to change her password? What happens when she tries to?

    she can change password . the wrong not to change password . she want change to can open again. she trying wrong with password so she have  been locked 🔒  time 14 mint. We just need to know what happened after changing the password

    39 minutes ago, Andre said:

    she was locked out of her account twice for 3 unsuccessful login attempts,


  5. 19 minutes ago, Andre said:

    she was locked out of her account twice for 3 unsuccessful login attempts

    Yes, you are right. same to do login in xat, if anyone put password wrong, he will get time to do login again.


    But in this problem, she needs to change the password. Seems to be making something wrong to password

  6. OK

    This is really strange.
    Let's take a few steps

    Let her change the password. by email.

    Waiting for 20 minutes, then I tried again.
      I don’t know if this is helpful to solve the problem.
      But make sure it is waiting for the required time.
    Tell her not to rush and wait
    Just change the password to make the account more effective.
    Then you wait 20 minutes. The more time was better, the better

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