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  1. Good morning to everyone, have nice day


  2. Hi all my best friend :$


  3. as dori sami mi se skimbe logarea pe alta adresa cum fac

  4. Malice is the worst human handicap.
    I think a man at peace with himself, clear, moral and normal life, has no time for nonsense, no concerns miserable, do not seek to destroy intriguing
    and denigrate other people. Those concerned with degrading things, gossip, arguments and attempts to disturb their peace of mind to others and to ruin
    reputation, some people are just lonely, vexed, complex weak, fearful, impoverished human qualities, spiritual light and goodness, deprived
    Love (Why ?!); and have fallen, no longer cherish and does not even respect so as to preserve their dignity ...
    Sometime before to understand how are structured and how it works so people upset them ... Now I just feel for them and hope that they will succeed
    to overcome all the weaknesses and become people with honorable intentions, worthy and deserving of respect and love that depend so much
    their souls alone and sick ...
    Malice is a disease corrosive to the soul. I believe that only a man who poisons his soul and deeply abhor wasting his life, abandoning it
    ugliness and evil ...
    If you do not love yourself, how you want you can love others?
    The greatest enemy of man is evil itself.
    The man hates me harder, the more strengthens my conviction that feels inferior to me and it feels weak to me. And that makes me
    to treat with compassion, even though they expected him to respond with the same hatred. Malice is always a question: envy, stupidity, frustration, complex
    inferiority or even mental illness.
    Do not panic in front of your enemy, and who are trying to hurt you. Not enemies and not stick your dirty in their struggles.
    It's an honor to lose a battle than to win remaining OM oblivion.
    At one time enemies will get tired and will have their own troubles, their enemies that try to disturb them.
    Nothing in this life remains unpaid. You get what you give you what you deserve.
    When they will wonder what calamity befalls hope to realize that merely pay for the damage you have done to others.
    As Benjamin Franklin said, and "Whatever begins to anger ends in shame."

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