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  1. Happy birthday @Amyyyy  




    1. Amyyyy


      Thank you mafia (hug)

  2. This is Editable file to Photoshop. Screenshot
  3. Hello Everyone. Free Backgrounds inner & outer Editable file to Photoshop. Download Inner Download Download outer Download if you want any the design go to Graphics More information look My site : Flickr
  4. This is very Nice idea, I like the idea
  5. Mafia1

    tickle html5

    I understand how you feel. However, not all users click on your name. Someone just to change the room appears to you as if you press your name. Hence, it is hidden This is not a problem. This is only to find out who is in the room and who is not. The name appears for you if he is in the room with you or in your friend list. Hidden means not in the same room, or maybe he was there and changed the room.
  6. Mafia1

    tickle html5

    virgin. But you can see the name for those in the same room Only. https://prnt.sc/ubzgul You can also stop the cursor by showing the hidden person id
  7. Thanks you bro Manu <3 Thanks you bro Mihai <3
  8. Hello all. We have some new design for ''EVEREONE''. There will be one free item. But with support and encouragement I will place a lot on you. Hope I like everyone more information Tell me My ID : (585658025) UserName Mafia1 You Can see My flickr Im on In Chat Graphics Link Download here >>> Graphics <<< Test in my Xatspace. TEST For more graphic design, go to chat Graphics
  9. hi. I guess you don't realize what a trade is. If you are annoyed with someone who is not selling power. is yours You can make a screenshot and present it to the staff in the trade. What you are talking about, a trader who has been on trade for 11 years For your information, your reasons are not enough. Hope for understanding and thanks
  10. Happy birthday i hope you will happy in your life all time <3

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Mafia bro  (hug)

  11. I like this suggestion. its nice
  12. thanks to all thanks you bau I received the 1500 xats prize. i hope to all win next time <3
  13. mafia1 (585658025) http://prntscr.com/sqz95t
  14. Sugarless coffee. Bin Al-Ameed Al-Kuwaiti Turkish coffee is my best coffee
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