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  1. Happy Birthday!! 

  2. Happy Birthday 

    1. BRABO


      Thank you (hug)

  3. Mafia1

    HTML5 Interface Update

    I hope trade work for html in mobile too.
  4. Mafia1

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Nice job it's very nice.
  5. Mafia1


    Mafia1 (585658025)
  6. Happy Birthday. 

  7. Mafia1

    Power "DUNCE"

    Thanks for info. I mean power dunce is work, to guest in html5. Only not work. MOD can't ban dunce to MOD same. Owner can't ban dunce to owner. Main owner same can't ban dunce. Is work for guest only. Thanks.
  8. Mafia1

    Power "DUNCE"

    Hey I'm use mobile to html5. From xat.. I see power Dunce. Is not work. In html5 browser.. In my chat and trade same for MOD I can't see ban dunce. Is not work for MOD . I think MOD can do dunce for MOD. So I can't see ban dunce. Thanks
  9. Mafia1

    Mafia Power [FLASH]

    @Maay @Mihai
  10. Mafia1

    Mafia Power [FLASH]

    It's nice for me
  11. Mafia1


  12. Mafia1

    Only volunteer or Admin answer me

    Thanks for the interesting, I don't suffer from that problem, I have not only heard, I always do to help others, in the ticket, There are so many people, suffering from that problem, it's not new here, come on long ago, removed power/xats/days and he can't get to Xats. The unfairness..! I may be talking about things that I do not have the right to talk about, but as we are used to, talking about our problems, in order to have a better society, If you think I'm lie, or this problem not in ticket. You can say so, I see much people out form xat, because of that injustice, and others still suffer, what problem if you buy, powers / xats / days and I do not know, why removed to me. you can removed and back my Xats. This is justice. We need justice in everything, no one has to pay for the mistakes of others
  13. Mafia1

    Only volunteer or Admin answer me

    What you mean?
  14. as dori sami mi se skimbe logarea pe alta adresa cum fac

    1. Mafia1



      Login, you can login, by username or email...


      Change username or Email. 

      You can do it.  Go to account settings.  

      Click on to "change"  username or email if you want. 


      You can change username click here USERNAME


      You can change Email  Click here  EMAIL


  15. Mafia1

    Only volunteer or Admin answer me

    Hey I don't need use the info@xat.com. I know all see my post and ignored me. I'm not need help to me. I need help to pepole. No more...! @Admin Maybe not see my post.. I wait to one answer to me.. I can wait

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