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  1. Hey! Here is a new topic for you ! Just for fun We can comment, we can be sad,we can be happy looking for the !fortune. What Is Your !Fortune for You need FEXBot command. How Does? We write to FEXBot !fortune ; FEXBot gives us some comments about the future/now. For example ; Did you see ? Sezenry [84065237]'s current daily fortune: It's Never Too Late For Good Things To Happen (Its so right. I need wait patiently ) So let's start
  2. It's Never Too Late For Good Things To Happen!.

  3. It was a very fun and mind contest/game. Thank you for everything @HelperNate . Congratulations to all the winners and especially @Coolingman & @EviL . Thanks canim <3 @Enge I love u baby
  4. Someone will love you
    Someone will love you
    Someone isn't me.

  5. cry

    Opening a Ticket

    Hi; I don't know what you want to open a ticket for, but if you received a paid user warning, it is most likely Help Topic: Shortname & Groups. You can try open ticket with another account. Volunteers may ask you to log into your original account when you get reply. For security purposes, you will be asked a few questions. If the accuracy of these questions is determined, I think you can open a ticket for the account. However, this may not be possible. Good Luck!
  6. cry

    Happy birthday

  7. very hard i cant see smiley xd
  8. Today s weird

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cry


      cok sıkılıyom ya bored boring bor madenleri

    3. Tuba


      I don't love this hayat 😒 


      Arabada kolbastı dinliyorum hiç yoktan keyfim yerine gelir diye de olmiyyy.. 🙄😘pokemon dancing GIF

    4. cry


      baska sarkı dinle mesela cikita muuz


  9. Beauty is simply beauty. Originality is magical

  10. First of all, Hi; I have been waiting for this update for a long time without Flash, 'xat' was scaring me, but I'm looking new HTML5. This update is really cool! It excites with the smallest details. Making the users list invisible with one click is a great innovation. In short, Thank you for everything. xat's now with better quality HTML5.
  11. Welcome @Eliff güzellik

    1. Eliff


      Thank you my sweety (hug)

    2. cry
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