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    good morning and a great weekend

    1. NIC0LAS


      efendim hanım abla

  2. I admire your host. It'll be fun I'm excited already
  3. Waow, a wonderful month of July awaits us. You are one of my best staff friends. I always support you. Thank you in advance for your contribution to xat. Congratulations @MasterChief
  4. nothing breaks like a heart

  5. Zaki

    (hi) @Deff

    1. Deff


      Hi ruzaki(victory)

  6. Buon Compleanno ! caro @xMarco, sei sempre il migliore!

    1. xMarco


      grazie mille defff (hug)

  7. Happy Birthday to you and best wishes (blowkiss)

    1. Dimple


      Thank u so much.

  8. It was a very good experience for me. I am so happy! Thanks for everything. This month looks exciting too. I am grateful to all my fellow staff members who were with me for their help! xat has become one of my memories I will never forget this month. As I always say, all smiles are the same as long as we keep smiling.
  9. HELLO I HOPE YOU HAD FUN. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS. THANK YOU TO JOIN. 🌸We had our third event at the new xat!! Thank you at first dear LaFLeur made !randomuser lucky users won xats&days. 🌸4 rounds of bingo with countries game! Each round is a different luck! 🌸10 times !randomnumber 1 30 with bingo card number! 🌸Two important donations were made just before. 🌸There are a total of 4 winners in the First round and the Last round Congratulations the winners! 🌸Bingo card numbers and randomuser winners Congratulations! 🌸It was a time of special thanks and farewell ! 🌸This was my last event. Special thanks to everyone who participated and supported from the very beginning. 🌸Thanks to all my donors. 🌸Thanks to all my staff friends who hosted with me. 🌸Unforgettable moments happened! Do not forget.
  10. We will starting 5 min !!
  11. We will play bingo in a few hours! The game consists of countries. You have to wait for all the countries on your card and whichever country is at the end, you must write bingo and country name! I hope you enjoy it thanks.
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