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  1. Here are the winners from 04/04/2021 for the Best Combo smilie. Congratulations everyone! •Results• 1st. Lidacry (581767823)= 43% points 2nd. FORYOU (101834553) = 42% points 3rd. iiiYaguito (1531497660)= 41% points 4rd. Stif (344107857)= 34% points 5th. xELIF (1010203)= 32% 6th. thefLowery (1531162882)= 29% points 7th. fortunafortuna(1488283203)= 23% points 8th. LiLiLianax (1523633872) = 22% points 9th. Zandy (96820347)= 19% points 10th. Passionefy (995326645)= 18% points Congratulation! Contact Paul at XATTES
  2. Prize: 1 unit (statusfx) power + 2k The winners from bonus round are: Stif (344107857) / Prize: 500 xats thefLowery (1531162882) Lidacry (581767823) / Prize: 500xats EfsuneL (187789429)
  3. Happy Birthday Mike!

  4. Dear xaterian’s in this contest you must create your own (xavi) xat avatar! You still don't know what is? Xavi allows you to create custom xat avatars, you can choose from many features, can be re-positioned, re-sized and rotated, and almost all of them can be re-colored. Once you have made your avatar, click the "save" button and it will be set as your default avatar. •Example First place: (RUBY) 2nd place: 4000 xats 3rd place: 3000 xats 4th place: 2000 xats 5th place: 1500 xats 6th place: 1000 xat 7th place: 90
  5. You are a good person, a wonderful friend, and an amazing sister. The world is a better place because you are in it. Happy birthday to my dearest sister who always brings joy and laughter into my life.


    Te quiero mucho princessa ❤❤

    1. Page


      Thank you so much my love ❤️ you are one of the most important person in my life, thanks for make my life better everyday 

  6. Update:

    This is what you can win 

    a total prize of 25.500 xats


    1st winner - 10,000 xats
    2nd winner -  5000 xats
    3rd winner -  3000 xats 

    4th winner - 2000 xats

    5th winner -   1500 xats

     6th winner   - 1000 xats 

     7th winner  -   900 xats

     8th winner   - 800 xats

     9th winner    - 700 xats

     10th winner  - 600 xats  


  7. I really like this update. It makes our work easier.
  8. DjCrazy

    Xavi Avatar

    thank you very much for your effort and help, yes it works for me. i will test it again to see if it works for everyone or not i will let you know later
  9. Happy Birthday Bauhinga (blowkiss)!

    1. Bau


      Thank you DjCrazy (hug) 

  10. Happy Birthday!!

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