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  1. DjCrazy

    Contest #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    DjCrazy (444000444)
  2. DjCrazy

    Welcome New Contributors

    ty Blacky Congratulations mister bro
  3. DjCrazy

    Contest #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    Djcrazy (444000444)
  4. DjCrazy

    handy flashrank

    If you want to activate flashrank again. in the chat '' / + flashrank '' chat '' /-flashrank ''
  5. DjCrazy

    login problem

    Opera Beta is a good choice Myow, it's nice to hear that you have no more problems, have fun in xat and have a nice time.
  6. Congrats Sis, Your Advanced Members :$

    1. myow


      thanks my love  (hug)

  7. DjCrazy


    Very nice drawings I like it, you can draw well. Make your own creations for xat.com and apply as a smilies draftsman you may have luck.
  8. Congratulations to the new Main Owner at xat.com/help
  9. DjCrazy

    Win GLITCH!

    Djcrazy (444000444)
  10. Juna everything to the birthday and wish you all the beautiful things in your life(hug)

    1. Juna


      Thank you, Crazy (hug)for this amazing birthday wish, thats so sweet of you. 


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