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  1. Congratulations Raven!! Can't wait to see what you have planned. No pressure just have fun. I would like to thank you @Crow it was a great months. I really enjoyed it.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Thank you so much for joining and celebrating with us. Thanks to you all we had such a nice Valentine’s Day in xat5 chat and a special thanks goes to Dimple who supported me throughout the event. We love you!! @Tom2 @Maverick
  5. https://prnt.sc/zh9qr7 https://prnt.sc/zh9rr8 https://prnt.sc/zh9f02 https://prnt.sc/zh91fj https://prnt.sc/zhamjl https://prnt.sc/zhagrm https://prnt.sc/zhaueh https://prnt.sc/zhaw37 https://prnt.sc/zhb0fa https://prnt.sc/zhb2n3 https://prnt.sc/zhb4dq https://prnt.sc/zhb61a https://prnt.sc/zhb7q2 https://prnt.sc/zhb9d8 https://prnt.sc/zhbapr https://prnt.sc/zhbcf7 https://prnt.sc/zhbdzw https://prnt.sc/zhbfwm https://prnt.sc/zhbhqv https://prnt.sc/zhax9v https://prnt.sc/zhbqt8 https://prnt.sc/zhbzj7 https://prnt.sc/zhc4xk https://prnt.sc/zhca9d https://prn
  6. Can't wait to celebrate with you guys. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day.
  7. Happy Birthday @M00N!

  8. Happy Birthday @DJFUNNY(applause)

    1. DJFUNNY


      Thank you @DjCrazy  (hug)


      Happy Valentine's Day! 

  9. Happy Birthday @Christina(blowkiss)

    1. Christina


      Thank you <3 

  10. Hello guys, we'd like to invite you to our valentines celebration at xat5 chat. Come and join us and get a 3 days (per person) as valentines gift. Free days are limited First come, first served. Prize: 500 days Time: Time will be 13h pm (GMT+1) Donators; Djcrazy & Dimple Prize holder: Djcrazy

    To my sister on your birthday: May your special day be every bit as magical and wonderful as you.

    🌷 @DjCrazy 🌷 @Fiona 🌷 @Marwa 🌷 @Dimple 🌷 @Jenni  🌷


    1. Dimple


      Happy Birthday sis @Camii, wishing u happy love life😘 and good health, and stay safe everyday girl.

  12. DjCrazy


    It should be appear in your avatar after save successfully like this screen, https://prnt.sc/y0uwc5 Then after save and refresh this only will appear no changing happen, https://prnt.sc/y35tst That is the main some user problem.
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