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  1. @Bau start your bg lol kkkkkk go go man @Nozomi very good. Congratx
  2. New http://i.imgur.com/6T87PZ4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/WuutVg4.jpg Ocean
  3. A suggestion of new power: Pokemon !ls = Pikachu + Abra + Onix + Vaporeon + Dragonite Update + 5 smilies = use "You can suggest the 5 next smilies here." More update for 10 smilies = purple new smilies Att. Andrino
  4. I also have a suggestion for hat = hat#hc = efect (cboom) For smilies = 5 + = (cxat) effect xat.com + (cdoubt) effect ??? + (chug) effect hug + (cbump) effect bump power + (ckiss) effect off kiss Att. Andrino
  5. Nice. We will strengthen the idea of these powers . They need to be created !!!
  6. The suggestion is for 1 new STATUS power. STATUS with a similar characteristic to NAMEGRAD Look the print - Suggestion for name = STATUSGRAD And next week the suggestion of a POWER = STATUSWAVE 2 suggestions Att. Andrino
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