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  1. Cleon


    What about a Marshmallows themed smiley power
  2. I've posted a lot of suggestion in the forum some are cool and some are just trash I keep doing what I like sending new suggestions to improve xat I was testing the new html version of xat and I notice something familiar to me The power window, They use one of my suggestions, I'm glad and it looks amazing The thing now is that i don't know if they knew that i suggested that or not But yeah for years i've lost my time suggesting things that admins will never notice I don't want xats or powers i'm just waiting for a thanks message from the admins nothing else
  3. Cleon


    10kb would be more realistic
  4. Cleon


    Thanks and it's a power not a function **With this power you can share photos in your profile ^^**
  5. Cleon


    Gallery With this power you can share photos in your profile ^^ Gallery
  6. Cleon


    Already suggested :/
  7. Cleon

    ANGRIER power

    Good Job, Could be a good smiley power !
  8. Cleon


    Great job on that sketches And I like them
  9. Cleon


    Sounds good, Great examples !
  10. Cleon


    this powers is futuristic advanced technology I came from the future and you have to delete this post. The end its coming
  11. It now makes a while that people forget about xat. I suggest a VR game like chat I’ve not much to tell about it , because I know that nobody wants this
  12. Nice move ! Faster than the light I have more examples but I don't know where they are in my pc :/
  13. already suggested By my self just search for it you will find my post
  14. LETTER : P id and regname : cleoncleon 1527564203
  15. lol I suggested it before but it looks nice your version ^^
  16. Cleon

    Yes or No

    NO.. Do you like youtube gamers streaming for money ?
  17. Cleon

    Powers names

    I refresh the chat and nothing and I tried it in different chats with a little size this happened again and the classic pawn don't load
  18. Cleon

    Powers names

    http://prntscr.com/gbg0kv You can check in this print when you are in a little size chat some new powers lost their name and only show the ids
  19. It's a little bit hard to find a new pawn color And I don't think they will make this it's a little bit confuse for new users etc they can be seen has xat staff members etc
  20. This is great but should be a feature and added in the HTML5 version not a power
  21. It's a great suggestion , hope they add it in the next update
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