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  1. Cleon


    Great job on that sketches And I like them
  2. Cleon


    Sounds good, Great examples !
  3. Cleon


    this powers is futuristic advanced technology I came from the future and you have to delete this post. The end its coming
  4. Cleon

    From 2D to VR

    It now makes a while that people forget about xat. I suggest a VR game like chat I’ve not much to tell about it , because I know that nobody wants this
  5. Nice move ! Faster than the light I have more examples but I don't know where they are in my pc :/
  6. already suggested By my self just search for it you will find my post
  7. LETTER : P id and regname : cleoncleon 1527564203
  8. lol I suggested it before but it looks nice your version ^^
  9. Cleon

    Yes or No

    NO.. Do you like youtube gamers streaming for money ?
  10. Cleon

    Powers names

    I refresh the chat and nothing and I tried it in different chats with a little size this happened again and the classic pawn don't load
  11. Cleon

    Powers names

    http://prntscr.com/gbg0kv You can check in this print when you are in a little size chat some new powers lost their name and only show the ids
  12. It's a little bit hard to find a new pawn color And I don't think they will make this it's a little bit confuse for new users etc they can be seen has xat staff members etc
  13. This is great but should be a feature and added in the HTML5 version not a power
  14. It's a great suggestion , hope they add it in the next update
  15. Why not put a flag for each language, if you are in France you get the ? Button with à french flag etc
  16. Cleon

    New blasts

    After a long year making some animations I have made some cool animations for blastpro blast kick etc I will post all my blasts in this post ! 1- Pencil blast 2- Juice blast 3- SOMETHING BLAST 4- roulette blast ( UGLY )
  17. Cleon

    FIONA - puppies

    I have a great stock of blasts and flixs that I made in my computer . Give time to time and you will see some cool features
  18. Cleon

    FIONA - puppies

    I always post the smileys one by one and after add the infos !
  19. Suggested by Fiona (81926573) I MADE THIS EXAMPLE @Fiona
  20. Take your time to read this post Some users have make this with a local xat client the suggestions it's to send a private message when someone click you with the power tickle some cool features could be add to the power tickle and made them paid like 100xats tickle message - 100 xats change tickle color - 100 xats Add tickle sound - 100 xats Offline tickle alert (app notification)- 100 xats For bump , a new power (nobump) this power allows you to create a whitelist when you are offline the users in the whitelist can send you a bump and you will get a phone notification Also change bump sound only friends bump for smiley lovers a tool to create and test smileys Easily this should be a new app Add a new sort of paid users , those users should be allowed to have priority in tickets special nameflags paterns have access to the new smileys before buy the new power New hats and pawns particules A free day per week A random power per month A special section in the forum (premium members ) also a tag in the forum The reg star instead of being yellow and black you can change the color for red or blue etc A symbol after you regname and Id Acces to overload rooms when there's more than 60 users in a room you can enter Other feature Commands a new command like /pm Id message this should be cool A command to login like /login username password this should be a fast way to login A command to clear your friend list For the nopm and nopc chose the type of users that can send you pm or pc regitered banned gag etc A whitelist to allow pc and pm Tabs a new tab in the friends for your favorites chats to access them easily For bans : When you enter in a chat that you are banned the background will be black with a count down and the reason of the ban For kicks when you got kicked out an error box will appears with the kick raison or ban For trade add a new historic of trades and transfers For gifts add an option for anonymous gifts add an option to delete gifts Add an option to send xats with the gift For unregistered users add a message limite for unregistered users no more custum avatars For messages add a report button next to the message add count down when you spamm messages in the message area For ignored users a system message sent when someone ignores you For friend request add a new friend system a friend request For users with everypower allow to preorder a power to get it quickly after it came out Rename users this should let you change names in your friend list only apply in the friend list and the pc staff list this feature will add a new page in the help icon to show the entire staff rules same as staff list this feature will add a new page for rules and it automatically appears in the chat the first time you enter in a chat and you have to agree with the rules to enter banned list this should add a new tab in the edit chat to see who's banned and allow hi to unban etc Powers a new power that allows you to whitelist links - like prints etc ProfileBack allows you to add an image in the tab when someone click in your name Playlist pc add a playlist music when someone enter in your pc Speed : a new power to change the speed of animation speedup or slow-motion Thai should be good for hands animations Backfx this power will add new backs from old powers like sins and new paterns like zebra flags etc sandbox this power will allow you to create a smiley from old smileys with a new app kiss me or fight me this power will let you send animations in pcs like 2 pawns kissing or 2 pawns fighting Glitchfx this power it's gonna glitch you smiley (cool#gfx) the smileys cool it's gonna add a random other smiley like cry so you will the cool with the glasses crying Ps : yes Im drunk right now
  21. Thanks for the support , I will try a live version to see who it works
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