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  1. xJacob

    Command Tip

    you can use /f commando to add or unadd... I don't thing this command plays any role?
  2. xJacob

    Turtle Power

    I like the idea! We need to implement this power!
  3. Hey! I clicked it, the plugins from xat.com were being blocked for no reason. I unblock them all and now it works 100% Thanks!
  4. Update #1: It works for Microsoft Edge, but not for Mozzila, Chrome and opera Hello guys, Today when I was trying to check my ticket status, the ticket won't lemme login. My username was not inserted there nor it would let me type it up. I tried re-login yet it didn't work.
  5. Hello Jadson, E26 means that your account has not been activated. If the account is newly created, check the email associated with the account and click the activation link. If the account is not new, a ticket will need to be created using the email associated with the account to have this error fixed.
  6. Oh! ok thanks! I never knew that lOL
  7. Please wait, your ticket will be answered soon
  8. Mine was CPWorld2001 in back 2013 I was a Club Penguin Army guy.. thats why xd
  9. What difference would it make.... Scroll glowing will make it tough to see
  10. How did you record a gif lol? Morning Minerva . I loved it too
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