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  1. Wow! This pawn gives me serious Frozen vibes!!! Perhaps there could be one with multiple shades of blue in it, similar to this:oQRWyry.png or one that compliments the iceheart smiley: s4e6V3g.png


    I'd personally rather see this pawn as part of an icefx power that can later be part of a collection so we can use the pawn permanently. I'm cheap!! (swt)

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  2. I also wanted to thank everyone for coming yesterday and for all the birthday wishes! It means a lot to me and I appreciate you all so much!


    Before this event happened, I told Luana that I didn't want it to be all about me because I seriously don't need all the extra attention. I literally made sure the background was still the turquoise party-themed one before I left because I was worried it would change :$. I should have known better that she would obviously surprise me and give me the utmost attention but yesterday was more about EVERYONE. It was a time for various communities to come together and have fun. I'd rather see a bunch of people having fun and being happy on a chat than just myself. Giving, doing things for others, hosting parties or bringing people together is so much more rewarding to me than anything else and I hope everyone had fun.


    Thank you again to @Luana , @Demonattack and @theFlower for all the extra work to make my day special! ❤️ ❤️

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  3. Hola,


    Debes abrir un ticket bajo el departamento Account Block para resolver el problema. Asegúrese de haber iniciado sesión y de que el asunto de su boleto tenga al menos 5 palabras. Si su cuenta estaba inactiva, el bloqueo se implementó por razones de seguridad.


    ¡Espero que esto ayude!

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  4. eelNXwt.png

    Lucky the Leprechaun needs your help guessing the LUCKY number!!! Here's how you can help:


    • Visit xat.com/Help.
    • Use the bot command !randomnumber to help him find his way back home!
    • Post a screenshot of your number so he can look back on his journey.


    If you are the first user to match Lucky's number, you will win 10,000 xats!


    Other information:

    • You may only post 1 number per day.
    • The contest will end on March 17th, 12pm EST. The first person that posts the winning number will be announced at that time. If nobody posts the winning number by the deadline, the closest number to the winning number will win.
    • Prize holder: Myself. Thanks to @oj for donating.


    GOOD LUCK!! zsmWY82.png


    P.S... Don't forget to enter Help's Background Contest too! ;) 

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  5. Thank you Maxo!


    In honour of International Women's Day, I just want to give a big shoutout to all the women on this site that have faced prejudice, hate, abuse (especially verbal) or ever felt unappreciated, unworthy or unwanted. Your strength is your power. Love always. 


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  6. T55ys6z.png


    @Luana , my cute xat twin,


    It was near Christmas time that I met you, at a time where we both felt alone and were destined by fate. I was hosting a Christmas event on your chat at the time, not knowing much about you or if I could trust you. You were so sweet, energetic and caring, but most of all, I couldn’t help but laugh when you always typed in CAPITAL LETTERS.  You private chatted me and we talked FOREVER. I didn’t even know too much Italian but it was so easy to talk to you regardless if you were writing in Italian or English. You made me feel so loved and wanted, and even asked me if I’d come to your chat more often. Well, I did come for a bit before I somehow disappeared. I was vulnerable and it was too soon for you (and myself) to realize what was going on. I came back and I was so happy to see you again. We talked to each other almost everyday practically. People thought I was crazy going to your chat all the time (even me!). With you, I felt safe knowing that I could tell you anything without fear of judgment or criticism. As time went on, something cruel happened to you and I’m glad I was able to be there for you. In fact, I’m glad you were there for me when I needed somebody too. Somebody who is supportive, has your back, shows they care and won’t harass or judge you for being yourself.


    Of all my years on xat, I’ve never met someone quite like you. I’ve had so many friendships but this one just feels special. I mean that. You’ve taught me what it means to be a true, loving person. And you know deep down that I needed someone genuine like me and someone who won’t take advantage of me. Being kind should never be considered a weakness. You should stop thinking you aren’t good enough because you are. You’ve made a difference to so many people and finally I can say you did it to me.


    We laugh at the randomest things. We talk about our lives and our time in quarantine. We talk about how crazy this website can be even though we still enjoy it together. We talk about female empowerment and encouragement. Even though we disagree sometimes, we never fight. We could talk about anything and we'd still be best friends. Thanks for being there for me.


    I love you, I’m glad I found you and I want to ask you...

    WILL YOU BE MY xat BFF? B6Pazu5.png


    Please tell me your answer on February 14th at xat.com/La_Stanza. See you then! (cute)

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  7. There’s actually multiple smilies that used to be free but now belong to powers (ie. emo —> hairm, dhat —> costumes). Unfortunately, you have to buy the power in order to use them.


    With that said, I agree that it would be nice for these smilies to be free again, it seems like another money grab. Why were they free in the past and being used for so long? It does cause some disappointment among users, though I do believe these smilies were originally meant to be part of these powers.

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  8. Thank you everyone for participating! The competition was tough, and there were a lot of other great and creative sweaters that made choosing the winners all the more challenging. 


    All sweaters were judged based on craftsmanship, creativity, originality and effort. The honourable 42 will be modelling each winning sweater.




    We would like to congratulate the winners of this year's contest:


    FIRST PLACE (3500 xats): @RobFerrari



    SECOND PLACE (2000 xats): @Deff



    THIRD PLACE (1000 xats): @Pocholatha1



    FOURTH PLACE (500 xats): @Parth



    FIFTH PLACE (300 xats): @TheYaguito



    Please contact me at HelpLa_Stanza or Ganar to claim your prize!

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  9. Channel your inner elf and put your design skills to the test in xat.com/Ganar's newest contest!


    The idea is simple: with the Holidays right around the corner, we want you to design an ugly, themed sweater! You can create your own Ugly Holiday Sweater with this template image or you can make your own from scratch.


    Details and Requirements:

    -Please include the name "Ganar" or "xat.com/Ganar" somewhere on the sweater (Optional: GANAR LOGO)

    -Your entry/entries must be appropriate

    -You are allowed to take inspiration from other forms of media, but originality is preferred

    -Your sweater should incorporate at least one Christmas colour (red or green)


    Other Information:

    -You can post as many entries as you want

    -Be creative and fun

    -The winners will be announced here on the forum

    -Our top 5 winners will have their ugly sweater design featured on the Ganar blog


    Deadline, Prizes and Judges:


    DEADLINE: December 25th at 11:30pm GMT+2


    First place - 3500 xats

    Second place - 2000 xats

    Third place - 1000 xats

    Fourth place - 500 xats

    Fifth place - 300 xats


    Judges: @bianca-99, @Demonattack and Myself


    Prize holder: Myself


    Good luck!

    Jimmy Fallon Fan GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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  10. dark2-


    At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. 


    You can see our previous logs here.


    Concluded Discussions

    These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you.


    Ganar added as Tribute chat



    xat.com/Ganar has been added as a Tribute/Unofficial chat on the xat Wiki. Ganar is a chat in the Spanish language dedicated to hosting fun games and contests where everyone can participate. You can view their rules below the chat. We wish them the best of success!


    Extending chat events to 28 days


    We concluded our own discussion about potentially extending chat events to 28 days a couple of months ago. However, the discussion remains open in the Suggestions section, as we are seeking your input too. Please let us know your thoughts about the idea within that topic, and also vote in the poll at the top of the suggestion. The topic can be viewed here. Thank you for your input so far.


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  11. And that's a wrap! How ever many hours later and the 2020 TRADE BLACK FRIDAY EVENT HAS CONCLUDED!! I'm surprised I haven't passed out yet! (wailing)


    I'd like to thank the following people:

    • EVERY SINGLE USER who donated to this event. Without your donation, this incredible event wouldn't have been the same so thank you! Your generosity is much appreciated.
    • @Sydno: For letting this event happen, finding us a DJ and always being supportive in any required capacity.
    • @DjHyperHouse: For being an awesome DJ at our event. You really kept the vibes going, especially whenever you played my girl AG!
    • @Christina: For approaching me with the idea and helping me co-host.  I continue to admire your love and gratitude for the users of Trade. <3
    • @Kaay & @Enter: For helping with some of the organization, hosting and moderation during the event.
    • @Admin: For surprising us and visiting our event. We were happy to have you as a special guest to enjoy the great times together! 8-)

    Finally, thank you to EVERYONE who came, we hope you had a great Black Friday! It was nice to see so many pools again... but maybe not so nice not being able to enter divine city! :$  Until next time, folks! 

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