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  1. 1 hour ago, Queen_Sofia said:

    Hello! (hug)

    Here's my entry of imaginary-ish characters which I think will suit xat :)) - https://imgur.com/a/oxnDkxf

    • The dimensions are 80x80
    • I created all with Adobe Illustrator and copyright-free templates
    • All of them are free to use without giving any credits
    • All are the .png files so the background is transparent

    Thank you for the Contest and Good luck to rest of the contestants! 

    (If I win I can make more free of this kind to contribute to xat!)

    Sorry but I think the whole idea of this contest is to create your own avatars:






    This is not considered an original creation and credit/attribution would be required. 

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  2. Lowkey sad that there isn't a game that comes with this power. :( 


    This might be way too complex but it'd be cool if clicking on a smiley could actually activate a game. For example, clicking on (scar) and then having to slide your cursor left/right so that you don't hit other cars. :$


    Anyway, nice smilies Santy!

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  3. 44 minutes ago, Crow said:

    Will underline be added?


    It struck me that ctrl + u is more suited to underline than strikethrough.

    From a web standpoint, underline usually means linked text (which is already added). It might confuse people if there was both. Ctrl + s might make more sense for strikethrough, though.


    With that said, I'm slightly against adding hyperlinked text because I think it gives chat staff more work having to review each linked word/phrase and it could be abused for the wrong reasons (ie. for phishing). It seems like more work to hyperlink a word than to simply type or paste a link anyway.

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  4. IcMFrvc.gif

    Yesterday's forum winner was @RobFerrari! Please contact me to claim your prize!


    The LAST challenge is fairly easy!!! Answer the following 2 questions for a chance to win 350 xats:

    • What is your favourite HTML5 feature or improvement thus far?
    • What is one feature or improvement you would like to see in the future?

    2 WINNERS will be chosen!

  5. KF3dEDA.gif

    Yesterday's winners were @LiaMarie and @TheYaguito! Please contact me to claim your prize!


    Today's competition is combined with FACEBOOK! 1 winner will be chosen from Facebook and the other from the forum! Let's GO!


    Post a screenshot below showing you completed the challenges!



    • Play a game of Codeban (ie. type !codeme 1 on xat.com/HTML5)
    • Assign a group power to a chat
    • View your powers and search for a power you own
    • Using the 8ball, send a sticker with an inner and outer color
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  6. I have you all know that I've been very excited to use this duck race thing to choose the winners. :$  :) 



    Yesterday's winners were: @Alexius_ and @Ravenette! Please contact me to claim your prize!



    • Share a screenshot of a gift from a friend
    • Send a sticker using the stickers tab
    • Sing at least 3 lines from the Rubber Duckie song using the translator
    • In Account Settings, set a macro of your choice

    Let's GO ducklings!!! 

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  7. Just a random thought...


    Perhaps some interviews could be done in other languages. Users could still ask their questions in English on the forum (and also translate them if they want), but the whole interview would be in 1 designated language (ie. Spanish). Obviously the interviewee would have to know the language that the interview will be in. 

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  8. Thank you everyone! Cupim/Luana --  I was really not expecting such kind and inspiring words from you both but it means a lot! I'm never alone in what I do and I'm grateful for everyone that I've been able to get to know and collaborate with. A lot of us are pitching in and it's really nice to see. 


    I'm really looking forward to the month ahead and I can't wait to integrate some ideas so that the future of xat can be one we all enjoy. I can't emphasize enough the importance that we all play in this so please do stop by the chat whether it's just for fun, to report something that is CRAZY or EXTREMELY annoying, giving your honest opinion or asking questions. xat has always been very user centric and we need YOU to help shape the future of it!


    P.S... I do plan to bring back the DUCK RIGHTS at some point! @Steven ;) 


    Stay tuned folks! 

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  9. Nice interview, @Sevda!!


    It's honestly too bad it wasn't published sooner but that's okay. It's nice to hear from someone who has contributed and played a very key role for many years in the Turkish community. It is evident that you've impacted their community in many great ways and I'm glad we are finally able to know more about you!  (cute)

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  10. Do you have any advice for people pursuing a xat relationship? How did you personally manage the distance at first?


    What do you consider your greatest weakness?


    If you were stuck only being able to go to xat chat with 5 other people for 5 years (with 0 other interactions), who would you pick to be there with you? What would you all do?


    Edit: I nominate @Andre or @Sevda or @iSanty. Somebody who has never been interviewed before please! :) 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Leandro said:


    Or it could be something like this:

    I think a disadvantage of this is that you aren't able to view the chat as you're searching for a GIF. A button on the smiley line with a small dialog that appears might be more accessible and faster.


    I believe people are talking about something more-so like this (excuse my terrible mock-up but you get what I mean):


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