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  1. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day! Thanks for everything. (hug) 

    1. Christina


      Thank you Lemonhead <3   

  2. @Luana , my cute xat twin, It was near Christmas time that I met you, at a time where we both felt alone and were destined by fate. I was hosting a Christmas event on your chat at the time, not knowing much about you or if I could trust you. You were so sweet, energetic and caring, but most of all, I couldn’t help but laugh when you always typed in CAPITAL LETTERS. You private chatted me and we talked FOREVER. I didn’t even know too much Italian but it was so easy to talk to you regardless if you were writing in Italian or English. You made me feel so loved and wanted, and even as
  3. Inner: Outer: Button colour: #a32837
  4. There’s actually multiple smilies that used to be free but now belong to powers (ie. emo —> hairm, dhat —> costumes). Unfortunately, you have to buy the power in order to use them. With that said, I agree that it would be nice for these smilies to be free again, it seems like another money grab. Why were they free in the past and being used for so long? It does cause some disappointment among users, though I do believe these smilies were originally meant to be part of these powers.
  5. Lemona


    @SLOomSome people aren’t able to see their actual xavi creation in the chat. It just shows the default xavi (the one with orange hair). I believe it’s been reported before, but it happens to a lot of people.
  6. Thank you everyone for coming, we hope you had a great time! Despite all the changes we're facing with HTML5, it is understandable to feel frustrated or upset. We’re in a pandemic so we just wanted to put together an event where we could come together and enjoy. Of all my years of being on the Help chat, I can't recall a time when we hosted an event like this. I’m happy that some of the English community came together and I was reminded that fun times can still exist, even without some features this site is still working on!
  7. 1 hour until the party starts! See you there!
  8. Hello everyone, xat.com/Help is having a party!!! Yes, you heard that right. Although this pandemic has been challenging for many of us, this is a great time to come together virtually. With the official transition to HTML5, we understand there are many questions/concerns and will try our best to answer them. We like to help but we also like to have fun. You might occasionally see us talking about music, the pandemic, celebrities, video games or whatever else. Without further ado, I'd like to introduce the Help Celebration 2021! This celebration will commemorate t
  9. Thank you everyone for participating! The competition was tough, and there were a lot of other great and creative sweaters that made choosing the winners all the more challenging. All sweaters were judged based on craftsmanship, creativity, originality and effort. The honourable 42 will be modelling each winning sweater. We would like to congratulate the winners of this year's contest: FIRST PLACE (3500 xats): @RobFerrari SECOND PLACE (2000 xats): @Deff THIRD PLACE (1000 xats): @Pocholatha1 FOU
  10. We're happy to see so many entries that we've decided to add more prizes. We now have a 4th and 5th place! Happy Holidays everyone and stay tuned to hear back from us soon!
  11. Hi @SpecialDJ, You can post your entries here anytime you’d like! The contest will close on December 25th at 11:30pm GMT+2.
  12. Channel your inner elf and put your design skills to the test in xat.com/Ganar's newest contest! The idea is simple: with the Holidays right around the corner, we want you to design an ugly, themed sweater! You can create your own Ugly Holiday Sweater with this template image or you can make your own from scratch. Details and Requirements: -Please include the name "Ganar" or "xat.com/Ganar" somewhere on the sweater (Optional: GANAR LOGO) -Your entry/entries must be appropriate -You are allowed to take inspiration from other forms of media, but originality
  13. At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discu
  14. And that's a wrap! How ever many hours later and the 2020 TRADE BLACK FRIDAY EVENT HAS CONCLUDED!! I'm surprised I haven't passed out yet! I'd like to thank the following people: EVERY SINGLE USER who donated to this event. Without your donation, this incredible event wouldn't have been the same so thank you! Your generosity is much appreciated. @Sydno: For letting this event happen, finding us a DJ and always being supportive in any required capacity. @DjHyperHouse: For being an awesome DJ at our event. You really kept the vibes going, especially whenever you pla
  15. HELLO?!!?!?! WAKE UP! The Trade Event starts in 1 hour!


    See you there? :) 

    1. Solange


      See you there! 8-)

    2. DontAskMe


      When its started Lemonade?(hug)

  16. JUST 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE EVENT! Be sure to come early because the main pool will fill up fast! Event 1 Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2303851/trade-black-friday-event-1 Event 2 Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2303857/trade-black-friday-event-2
  17. Trade having an event??!! Well, you saw that right folks! xat.com/Trade will be hosting a mini Black Friday celebration because we all know you love free xats and a great time!! We will be having some trivia and a game of the Price is Right (better study your store prices!), so bring some snacks and a good positive energy because this celebration will not be LAME! I am not LAMEONA after all! Make sure to bring your friends (especially your poor friends) because this is a celebration you won't want to miss!!! 🥳 🥳 🥳 SCHEDULE Friday, November 27th -
  18. @Bau Thank you for a fun month, you did a great job! You should be proud! Congratulations, Blacky amigo! Spooky season is yours!!
  19. Who's ready for a party?! At La_Stanza? You bet! Tonight there will be trivia to celebrate Luana's birthday!!! HOW TO PLAY: There will be 20 questions of 400 xats The contest is in ITALIAN language If you win once and win again, the prize will be of the second who answered the correct answer RULES: Respect the chat rules START: The event will be at xat.com/La_Stanza at 22:00 PM (GMT+2) PRIZE: 8000 xats GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  20. Happy Birthday Luana! I hope you have a great day today! (hug) T2VVHAU.png


    Ti voglio bene! :$ XO

    1. Luana


      Thank you very much for the thought! I love you 💗

  21. Happy Birthday Blacky!! I hope you have a great day today! (hug) 


    Thanks for all that you do! p1VS0hi.png

    1. Blacky


      Thank so so much, Lemona!


      Glad to be your friend!  (hug)


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