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    Invisible for main owners/owners makes the most sense as they serve a more managerial role and can essentially "spy" on their chat. The other ranks would likely just be using it to sit there and never talk to anyone. I suggest you use the forum search feature before creating all your suggestions:
  2. For all those wondering, FIDO was STOLEN!!!! 🚓🚨 Can you help claim who stole Fido, what item they used, and where the crime occurred? Winner will receive 500 xats!! Enter on Facebook:
  3. This has been brought up so many times already in the past. We all know that the xat population has decreased and we all know that advertising would be a great consideration. That being said, it's probably in xat's best interest to wait until a new (and better) platform is mostly complete before presenting it to a wider audience. There's no point in advertising a flash site when flash is dying or an HTML5 platform that isn't fully complete, but can ultimately offer a lot more when it's done. While most of us are used to things not working or being finished, new users are not, so any sort of flaw, negative first impression or lack of features will likely make people shy away (which would be a slap in the face for xat).
  4. My cutie Solange, happy birthday!!!!! 🎂❤️


    Wishing you a sweet day full of love and happiness! It has been a pleasure to get to know more about you and I'm grateful to consider you a good friend. Love you lots! :$ 



    1. Solange


      Many thanks, Lem. I love you so much! 💯💕👑


      P.S. I loved that smilie with the black umbrella, it was a cute detail. :$

  5. I'm suggesting there to be a settings button located somewhere along the smiley line. Considering the Account Settings box is being used for various features, it'd be nice to have easy access to it. I'm not really sure where it could be located but having a groups button seems redundant when the xat logo/will likely/ go to the homepage (which showcases chat groups at the bottom) and a groups button is already accessible in the header.
  6. Happy BIRTHDAY to my two DUDES: @Angelo the Cheeto and @Addict the Pen!! 


    I wasn't going to post anything but then I came up with this:


    Bryan, have a great day on Penpuha Island drinking lemonade and Angelo, have a great day eating Cheetos with chopsticks so you don't get your keyboard greasy.


    I hope you guys got your PENnies worth reading this CHEESY status. GetStrip5.php?c=S_l_50_50_c.png :) 

    1. Vritme
    2. Addict


      God damn penpuha land havin (   ) thank you🤭

  7. Lemona


    the land havin penpuha* Congrats Bry Bry!!! Also, I can't believe this is actually a thing : Come through forum SEO!!!
  8. Lemona

    IOS Testflight 1.10.2

    To be honest, I think the pools were much better at the top for better access to them. Having to scroll down in large pools like on Trade is rather a pain and it causes a bit of lag/glitches in doing so (or maybe I'm just scrolling too fast). The only reason for people to scroll down should be to find a certain user on the user list. As long as the pool that you're in is situated closest to your name, there shouldn't be too much confusion as to what pool you're in. Perhaps there could be a setting whether you want the pools to be situated at the top or bottom?
  9. On a serious note, the movie surpassed box office records and seems to have very good reviews. If you're willing to watch a 3-hour movie and typically enjoy Marvel movies, then I'm sure it might be worth it for you. I'm personally not a fan of Marvel movies and don't plan on watching it despite all the hype.
  10. 2:00 is how @Solange dramatically enters a chat.
  11. I thought about that however I really like the fact that this could promote chats that people are currently at and allow any registered user to use this feature without having to make a forum account. It's not a bad idea but I think having it integrated within a chat feature might be better. That being said, the homepage should promote the various platforms xat has to offer (wiki, forum etc) in a more visual and descriptive sense instead of having to click links from a header.
  12. I am suggesting there to be a more social aspect integrated within HTML5/the xat homepage. How it could work: Within an updates feature within the HTML5 chat, users would be able to post status updates that go to the xat homepage. The chat that the user posted the status update from will appear on the status update. See image example below: ' Users are able to react to, favourite or report status updates. The categories at the top would allow users to view their favourite status updates, the most popular (most reacted to) as well as their own updates. Clicking on the users' avatar will lead to their xatspace. Potential other features: Having a specific status update feed within the chat for a specific chat group, for main owners only (with settings as to what rank can view what) etc Pinned status updates on the homepage (could be up to volunteers/admins as to what gets pinned) To avoid spam, perhaps a limit of 3 status updates within 24 hours Let me know what you think!
  13. I protect the Dukedom.
  14. As the new Lord, I shall name two users: @Blacky @Pia

    1. Booh


      Booh (4484)(toj)

  16. xat is hosting an Easter egg hunt on Facebook!!! A total of 12 hidden eggs to be found. 📜 How to participate: 1. Like the Facebook page 2. Search for a hidden egg somewhere on an official chat outer background 3. Send xat a screenshot on Facebook via Private Message showing where you’ve found an egg (you must find all 12 to win!) 4. Include your xat username and ID in the Private Message. BONUS (for an extra 200 xats if you win): Which tribute chat has 3 hidden eggs on the inner background? For all contest information:
  17. Lemona

    New login pages

    It currently is set to Country: PROTECTED = ON, LOCKED = OFF. If a user logs in from a different country, they will automatically be held 5 days. Using a VPN will prove this. The old login page used to do this as well but like you said, it was less obvious as users had to attempt to transfer to tell. In Jedi's scenario, he moves between 2 different countries everyday so this option wouldn't be very ideal for him. I believe he is suggesting an off option so users can login anywhere in the world without this hold. This doesn't seem the most secure but if you still have to check your email to login, it may not be the worst thing. If other security options such as authentication were available, it'd also be more ideal for Jedi's scenario.
  18. Hello, Please visit any chat and type "register". You will then be hyperlinked to the register page. I am on the Help chat if you need further assistance with this.
  19. I swear I'm going to just post a bunch of my own Ariana video gifs here until I win
  20. Lemona

    540 MIME

    Ya because there's an umbrella smiley. Duh. Was I the only one who got excited thinking this topic said meme instead of mime?
  21. I have y’all know that Ariana looks just as amazing up close.

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      I have videos but I'm screaming in most of them :$ Also, my avatar is FIRE!! :) 

    3. Seven


      Chicken wings

    4. Witness


      I'm so happy for you! (blowkiss)

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