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  1. Do you have any advice for people pursuing a xat relationship? How did you personally manage the distance at first? What do you consider your greatest weakness? If you were stuck only being able to go to 1 xat chat with 5 other people for 5 years (with 0 other interactions), who would you pick to be there with you? What would you all do? Edit: I nominate @Andre or @Sevda or @iSanty. Somebody who has never been interviewed before please!

    1. Maxo


      Thank you @LaFleur desus nice salute GIF by Desus & Mero

    2. Manu
    3. LaFleur


      thank you @Lemona !!


      remember i didnt do it all alone, but thank you :)

  3. Incase anyone is confused, you can see the instructions here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/358-win-ruby-make-an-animated-xat-smilie-gif/
  4. Congratulations to yesterday's winners! 1st place: Goku 2nd place: Lia 3rd place: Ted 1 HOUR LEFT UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT! SEE YOU THERE! Please see THESE INSTRUCTIONS for how to open Four in a Row.
  5. Happy Birthday Sergio! Hope you have a great day! (hug)



    1. Sergio


      Thank youu so so much Lemona! <33 (hug)(blowkiss)


  6. Lemona


    I think a disadvantage of this is that you aren't able to view the chat as you're searching for a GIF. A button on the smiley line with a small dialog that appears might be more accessible and faster. I believe people are talking about something more-so like this (excuse my terrible mock-up but you get what I mean):

    1. BeaterUser


      One of them is a great artist that deserves all sucess and money. And the other is Ariana Grande

  8. Hi BFF,


    Happy Birthday! :$  I know it sucks celebrating in quarantine but I hope all your friends can make it just as good! I appreciate all our talks, whether we agree or disagree. You're like a virtual sister to me and I'm thankful you always hear me out even when I sometimes feel like I don't shut up! :$ 2XdafV2.png


    Sending you many virtual hugs on your special day! (hug)


    Have a great day, love you BFF! 2XdafV2.png P.S... Unfortunately, I was not able to get into Cambio so I hope you enjoy your little surprise on La_Stanza. See you at the party! ;) 



    1. Solange


      I've just seen what you did for me on La_Stanza, I loved it and I really appreciate it! ❤️


      Thank you so much, and thank you for being my xat BFF! Love you 🤗❤️

  9. This is how you throw a party in quarantine. #PenPartyiVcKZsN.png2XdafV2.png


    1. Bryan


      I can’t get over the fact that the bot is wearing a diaper

    2. Kaay


      I love it! (toj)

    3. Exin


    Thank you for always being there and putting up with me. Keep working hard and being such a remarkable person! 


    XOXO 2XdafV2.png

    1. Bryan


      Thank you penpuha :$ I’ll try🤗

  11. Happy Birthday friend,


    I'm so grateful to have you in my life and to consider you so close yet so far.  I hope you know you deserve a lot of attention today for being a great human.


    Enjoy your day and of course... Mon Laferte! ;) 



    1. Angelo


      I send you many thanks for the blessings you've bestowed upon my life and am very grateful to have you as my best friend.


      Thanks for everything you do (=



  12. Hello, Have you tried following the instructions on https://xat.wiki/Fbchat? Unfortunately it only works on Facebook pages with more than 2,000 likes.
  13. I will want an autograph if that gets put up. If not, maybe La_Stanza can snag it. @Luana
  14. Congratulations Luana!! (hug) sDOJfow.png

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    2. Solange


      Congratulations Luana! 🎉

    3. Luana


      Thank you very much to everyone @Maxo @Solange 💛💛💛

    4. Alexius_


      Congratulations @LUANAA !!!!

  15. Can that be changed in the future? I don't think applications should take you out of invisible unless you're using them in main chat (ie. doodling in main, talking with the translator in main, playing a game with users in main chat etc). The only exception might be the Trade application...
  16. It appears that you come out of invisible when opening an application (ie. Youtube, Grid etc). Was this intended?
  17. xat.com/CAMBIO


    That's the tea. 8-)

  18. 455c5928 - xat.com/Feedback https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/453b2183.png = https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/455c5928.png
  19. 72529fd5 - xat.com/Cambio https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/d8e4a481.png = https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/72529fd5.png
  20. f81528f4 - xat.com/La_stanza And here is the lovely screenshot of my egg: which corresponds to https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/7c3087b1.png
  21. fec046c0 - xat.com/La_stanza
  22. Lemona

    why you not doing your hair properly anymore! (ugh)

  23. Petition to ban @Angelo from all trivia contests on xat.com.


    Please enter your name below to sign this petition. Thank you. :) 

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    2. Steven


      when's the next one? I'll take him down

    3. Vevrok



    4. Lily


      Yes ban him, he's a cheater!

  24. I sure hope you won't be using an umbrella to fight people for it!
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