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  1. Everyone get out your xat history books!!!! Answer these 4 questions and win 1,000 xats: https://www.facebook.com/xatchats/posts/2701800273164727
  2. And for that, I say... Happy Birthday!! I'm so hoping you had a great day! :)


    1. Matheus


      You like my bday? Gee thanks, just bought it!

  3. Lemona

    Boys vs. Girls

    84 I'm pretty sure females are outnumbered on this forum so don't mind if I tag a few @Solange @6 @Dork @mary17 @Amnaa
  4. xat FACEBOOK CONTEST: https://www.facebook.com/xatchats/photos/a.1398251693519598/2688019784542776/?type=3&theater The power you find, the power you get!!!
  5. Lemona

    Facebook Preview

    The preview/embed for a Facebook link used to display the image of a post, the amount of likes/comments/shares, the profile picture of the page etc. Similar to: https://i.imgur.com/mJHHDGe.png
  6. Lemona

    Account held

    Hi, Many inactive accounts were held for security purposes, which is likely your case. You will need to open a ticket under the "Account Block" help topic to have this resolved. Ensure the ticket subject is at least five words.
  7. Happy Birthday Mary my dear!!!! I'm so sorry I'm slightly late!! I hope you had a sweet day (just like you)! :$(hug)

    1. mary17


      u r so late :( :'( i was waiting for youuuuuuu! 

    2. mary17


      But thank you so much.. I really appreciate your greetings! I luv U My Gf ♥ :$(hug) 

  8. @LaFleur I don’t remember them all but xat.com/Kaay is one. @Kaay
  9. @LaFleur This is also happening to a bunch of other chats. Should they be opening a ticket about it or?
  10. Facebook Couple Contest: Enter for a chance to win couple power!!
  11. coffee break tm?

    1. Lemona


      Only if it's a Grande Cloud Macchiato tg4zJQI.png

    2. Davidss1001


      omgggggg those are so yummy!!! venti caramel cloud macchiato**

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