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  1. T-minus-30 minutes until trivia! Mix of general and xat trivia, come prepared! See you there!
  2. Happy Birthday FLOWER!!! I hope you have a great day! VPDN4Oj.pngU7eHyec.png


    Thank you for being such a caring, supportive and dedicated person all around xat! I hope you do absolutely nothing xat-related today, you deserve a break! :) |-)

    1. LaFleur


      Thank you Bestie!! (hug)


      I appreciate your lovely words!

  3.  PMCJbaY.png PMCJbaY.png?1 PMCJbaY.png PMCJbaY.png?1 PMCJbaY.png PMCJbaY.png?1 PMCJbaY.png PMCJbaY.png?1 PMCJbaY.png PMCJbaY.png?1 PMCJbaY.png R4dBzjk.png?1 PMCJbaY.png PMCJbaY.png?1


     IgaguHb.png IgaguHb.png?1 IgaguHb.png IgaguHb.png?1 IgaguHb.png IgaguHb.png?1 IgaguHb.png IgaguHb.png?1 IgaguHb.png IgaguHb.png?1 IgaguHb.png IgaguHb.png?1 IgaguHb.png IgaguHb.png?1


    spot the odd smiley and win a virtual hug  :) 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Matt


      Thanks! (hug)

    3. David


      the odd smiley is the trippy one to the left of your username

    4. Lemona


      (d) (d) (d)

  4. Lemona

    New Markdown Feature

    From a web standpoint, underline usually means linked text (which is already added). It might confuse people if there was both. Ctrl + s might make more sense for strikethrough, though. With that said, I'm slightly against adding hyperlinked text because I think it gives chat staff more work having to review each linked word/phrase and it could be abused for the wrong reasons (ie. for phishing). It seems like more work to hyperlink a word than to simply type or paste a link anyway.
  5. Happy Birthday Evil!! İyi günler! :$ (hug)

    1. EviL


      Thank you very much Lemona :$(hug) get a long life, bless you. :))))

  6. Does this only happen when your actual BFF is present in the chat or no?
  7. @Luana has been added to the Contributors group. Congratulations and welcome!
  8. Congratulations @srbi9o and @LiaMarie, you are yesterday's winners! Please contact me to claim your prize! This concludes the 5-day HTML5 challenge contest. Thank you everyone for participating!
  9. Yesterday's forum winner was @RobFerrari! Please contact me to claim your prize! The LAST challenge is fairly easy!!! Answer the following 2 questions for a chance to win 350 xats: What is your favourite HTML5 feature or improvement thus far? What is one feature or improvement you would like to see in the future? 2 WINNERS will be chosen!
  10. (hug)

    1. Lemona


      Ciao Marco! (hug) 8-)

    2. Lemona


      Ho ascoltato questa canzone alla radio La_Stanza e mi piace 8-) :$ 

    3. Demonattack


       tutta per te lemonaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Yesterday's winners were @LiaMarie and @TheYaguito! Please contact me to claim your prize! Today's competition is combined with FACEBOOK! 1 winner will be chosen from Facebook and the other from the forum! Let's GO! Post a screenshot below showing you completed the challenges! YOUR CHALLENGES (COMPLETE AT LEAST 2 TO WIN): Play a game of Codeban (ie. type !codeme 1 on xat.com/HTML5) Assign a group power to a chat View your powers and search for a power you own Using the 8ball, send a sticker with an inner and outer color
  12. Lemona

    Promotion bug?

    Fair point. Perhaps we can get the box to be outlined in red with some CHANGED! text beside "hours of promotion".
  13. Lemona

    Promotion bug?

    Yes, but it does say below "Minimum 0.5 in 1/2 hours" and the user is still required to enter their password and review the cost before clicking "promote now!". I think it's obvious enough, no?
  14. QUACK QUACK!! Yesterday's winners were @Sara and @David! Please contact me to claim your prize! TODAY'S CHALLENGE (COMPLETE AT LEAST 2 TO WIN): Play a game of Four in a Row with a friend Design your own xavi Hover over a message and see a timestamp Share a screenshot of your Category power settings
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