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  1. Thank you everyone for coming, I hope you had fun! Congrats to the Help Prom King and Queen and a big thank you to @DjHyperHouse for being an AMAZING DJ! We love you! Don't forget to enter our FORUM CONTEST for a chance to win 500 xats and stay tuned for more Help Fiesta events!
  2. 2 hours until PROM!!! See you there! I have many outfits planned for tonight but this one should be no surprise to you all! I can't wait to see everyone's!
  3. After all these years, the wiki has animated smilies and I am.... BONKERS!!!!!

  4. Shoutout to another anonymous user for donating 80,000 xats to HELP FIESTA!!!!! Thank you so much, your generosity is much appreciated! I hope y'all are ready to party for MONTHS!!!!
  5. Post updated - THE FIRST 30 USERS to participate in the blue carpet will win 100 xats! Your hosts, @Boni and I, can't wait to see you there in 2 days!!
  6. Get ready for the event you won't want to miss! Help prom is coming up fast! Grab a date or your xat BFF and head over to xat.com/Help on Friday, June 18th @8pm EST/5pm PST. Note: Bringing a date or someone to be your pair is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you don't have a pair on the night of the event, you will be matched with someone who also doesn't have a pair. 1. DRESS-UP All attendees are encouraged to "dress-up". This can be anything from having a special avatar, name and/or colour theme. You can be anything from a game or anime character, a celebrity or even a fruit - let your imagination be free! It's also up to you whether you want to match with your pair (ie. peanut butter and jelly, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber etc). Please ensure your "costume" is appropriate (obviously). 2. ITINERARY #1: Blue Carpet - Every attendee will be asked to take a "selfie" (screenshot) of their outfit/costume on the Help Blue Carpet and post it in this thread. The first 30 users to participate in the Blue Carpet selfie event will win 100 xats. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF USING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! #2: Celebrity Guess Who - You will be given close-up images of a celebrity from a red carpet event and will have to guess who it is. First user to guess correctly will win xats. Win 1, Skip 2 - 20 questions! #3: Help Prom Queen and King Competition - Every user who wishes to be either prom queen or king will be asked to give a 45 second speech about their costume/outfit, introduce themselves/their character and explain why they'd like to be prom king or queen. Based on the judges scores on costume uniqueness, audience score, speech delivery and relevance, 2 users will then be selected to be the prom queen or king and win 250 xats. #4: Amazing Race - Communication is key in this game! You and your pair will compete together to try and be the fastest pair to finish a list of challenges around xat. The 1st and 2nd place pairs will win xats! #5: Four in a Row Tournament - The tournament will start with playing your pair in a best of 5 game of four in a row. The tournament will continue and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners will win xats! We hope to see you (and your pair) there! It will surely be a night to remember!
  7. That's a wrap! Thank you everyone for coming and congrats to all our winners: Asceticism (100341574) NotACereaL (126737056) GLuttony (1537333738) LiLy (3172017) Flake (160987981) iiCrazyboyii (1286325891) We hope to plan more Skribbl events in the future! Also, a big shoutout to the anonymous user who donated 20,000 xats to the Help Fiesta fund - thank you so much!
  8. SKRIBBL IS STILL GOING ON NOW! Join us all for free xats and fun!
  9. I love you <3 

    1. Lemona


      Love you too <3 grateful to have you around 

    2. Maxo


      And i love both of you (blowkiss) 

  10. Buon compleanno Marco! Tutti i nostri discorsi a tarda notte, le tue parole di saggezza e la tua genuinità significano molto per me. Ti voglio tanto bene amico, grazie per essere un amico fantastico e divertente!


    Buona giornata e spero di poter rendere il tuo giorno speciale come tu hai reso il mio! HYEMjR7.png zx7ztGH.png

    1. xMarco


      amica mia tu lo rendi sempre speciale ti voglio un mondo di bene grazie mille <3 sempre dalla tua parte

  11. Thank you to everyone who joined and played with us tonight! The winners are: 1st place (400 xats) - GLuttony (1537333738) 2nd place (300 xats) - RoxStar (237258571) 3rd place (200 xats) - CokeVoAYCE (304761667) 4th place (100 xats) - Christina (10000143) Be sure to follow the Fiesta Calendar for more events this month!
  12. I disagree with giving the pawn to volunteers, smiley makers or any sort of listed reseller as the pawn should be strictly for social media users. If xat wants a special verification indication on chats, that should be a completely separate initiative and some sort of checkmark or badge would be more ideal than giving them a pawn that could confuse users in the long run. I also disagree with giving volunteers any sort of special indication as we should find better ways to educate users about scams while also having a list of volunteers within the chat itself (ie. the quickbar). With that said, if xat were to implement badges of some sort, they should include ones for every role group on the site (ie. developers, volunteers, smiley makers, wiki editors etc), similar to what we have on the forum. The idea in general isn't bad to try and attract new audiences but without the proper organization and leadership behind it, I'm not sure how successful this will be. A lot of ideas and thoughts will have to be discussed to ensure this is integrated the best way possible (ie. will these influencers get compensation on the service as well as receiving the pawn? Will these influencers have a role with the official chat community?). The pawn isn't something that should be given out to everyone and it should require a continuous effort to maintain it. Obviously nothing seems to be really set in stone right now but I'm sure everyone can expect more details and information as time goes on.
  13. A big thank you to @Sevda for donating 3,000 xats! 1,500 xats will be put towards some of this months events and the other 1,500 will be set aside for next month!
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