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  1. lemona


    I sure hope Bryan is dressing up as a clown to this "Carnival"! Lemona (220341852)
  2. lemona


    I think I could use some new hair. Lemona (220341852)
  3. lemona

    Why? / Because!

    That's why. Anyway, why are you guys flooding the forum feed?
  4. lemona

    529 KHAIR

    Issa mood
  5. lemona

    Deal or No Deal "Audition" Thread

    Lemona (220341852)
  6. Your new profile picture really brings the best out in you, love it! <3

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    2. Kale


      U're best Lisa @lemona

    3. Marya


      Lem pc me babe when u are on pls 

    4. Vritme
  7. lemona

    Whoever posts last wins!

    Nah we fighting:
  8. lemona


    Agreed. Should be something physically on the chat like when you click your name. It would also be nice for it to have features for how long you’d like to set it for (ex. 24 hours, 3 days etc) so you wouldn’t have to manually change it everytime. However, I think something to consider is how useful this feature would be once xat mobile is improved and already has built in notifications that can be sent to your phone anyway.
  9. lemona

    Hearts & Switch (Card Games)

    Can we get another update? These games are some of the best multiplayer games offered on flash and can be beneficial for hosting game events while HTML5 is still being developed. We need something that can entertain us in the meantime. @Admin
  10. let maxo telling you that he likes all what you do he saw your intersting topics he appreciates your ideas (victory) and you deserve to be a contributor 

    1. lemona



  11. I thought this would, again, be a nice way to recall xat in 2018 and select some favourites. It's always interesting to hear everyone's thoughts! Feel free to share your: 1. Favourite power 2. Favourite chat you went to 3. Favourite part about xat 4. Favourite user that you met 5. Favourite forum thread 6. Favourite xat fan/tool site Note: ALL must have occurred in 2018. Here is mine: 1. Gesture power. 2. Help is like my family. 3. Probably either the HTML5 development or the new appbot platform. Definitely a lot of ideas that can be implemented. 4. This one's hard cause most people I met a long time ago but probably @denise 5. All of @Addict's Trade event threads. 6. Probably either xatproject or mundosmilies.
  12. lemona

    Welcome New Contributors

    Thank you, everyone! I'm very grateful for this and hope I can truly bring something to offer. Let this be a reminder that anything is possible with the right attitude and energy!
  13. Congrats Lemona!

  14. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY BFF ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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