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  1. lemona

    514 NOCARA

    It seems to work with customizable smiley hat powers (Ex: Costumes, Accessory, Animals). . There really should be a way to keep the mouth... is that coming or? Wouldn't it make more sense to have a smiley customization application similar to xavi instead that gives users choice between what eyes, mouths, noses etc they want?
  2. You do have a point and I think it's going to take awhile for this chat to be fully implemented properly. Some ideas for everyone to consider: Because there is a monthly log, it might make sense for contributors to focus on a certain area regarding xat each month to gather data/feedback on (ie: the mobile app, ticket support, user satisfaction etc). This could not only just be feedback on the chat, but also statistical data such as surveys that could be used around the whole community. At the end of each month, contributors could host some sort of event that reveals all the feedback/data they received that month along with later creating a report about it with potential solutions that is then made public. Some users might feel disappointed if their ideas or feedback don't get implemented, and should be reminded that they may not necessarily always be implemented the way they wish. Thus, the end of the month event hosted by the contributors should have some sort of small thank you or reward for the users who participated that month. Since it's a Feedback chat, it's important that it's not just the "official" chat users voices that are the only ones being heard. Potential work-arounds could be either putting the chat on auto-promotion with hopes it can gain a broad variety of users or contributors interacting with a large amount of the community(ie: even going to random chats), or contributors having a monthly newsletter reporting back about data/feedback they've received with a link to the monthly survey etc (I mean.. what is this?)
  3. lemona

    Social doesn't meet Official standards

    As a somewhat active user of the Social chat and someone who has frequent official chats for over 4 years, I assure you that many users are happy to see an active chat and that users are being kicked and banned as deemed necessary. Although the chat might seem to come off as a toxic vibe, there simply might be non-interesting conversations which are deemed toxic to some people, but ultimately it is a public chatroom. Wouldn't the best recommendations and opinions come from users who actually have been frequent users to the chat rather than a small group of users in which I guess roughly 15 percent of them actually frequent the chat?
  4. lemona

    Idea for new power (BADBOY)

    I really like how you were able to give a good visual representation of your idea however I'm not sure if one power with the same hat would be something ideal to make a power out of. Perhaps this hat could be added to other powers such as costumes, or maybe you could come up with some more innovative hat/smileys that could go with this power. This sort of hat gives me that sort of skater boy vibes so perhaps you could add some different skateboard designs to your smileys and a variety of different hats. Also, I'm not sure if the name "badboy" would be the best name to call this. Otherwise, great job! =)
  5. uɐɯoʍ ɐ sᴉ poƃ ǝʌǝᴉlǝq ll,noʎ


    1. zed



    2. Pia


      Queen 👑 !

  6. lemona

    The King of the Forum

    ¿ƃuᴉɯoɔ sᴉ ɯopǝʞnp ǝɥʇ
  7. lemona

    501 PORTALFX

    Maybe they take us to a portal where this power doesn't exist!
  8. lemona

    The King of the Forum

    We have won!! Long live to @Mike the new KING!!!
  9. lemona

    The King of the Forum

    Sigh..... @Mike @denise @Poke @Ravey @Blondie
  10. lemona

    The King of the Forum

    No!!! My friends are lit!!! @Mike @Vincent @denise @Poke @Addict
  11. lemona

    The King of the Forum

    No, you will not! @Angelo @Mike @Sydney @Flake @Ravey
  12. lemona

    The King of the Forum

    NO!!! I mention @Ravey @Tox1c @Angelo @Flake @Mike
  13. lemona

    The King of the Forum

    Nope. I'm back!!! I mention @Angelo @Mike @Flake @Ravey @Tox1c

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