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  1. maybe verite will come back now please make this power happen chris i miss her
  2. The power is named "Invisible", not "Invisible to users below Owner". The power has worked fine for years and the customers have been satisfied with it, there's no need to suddenly become pedantic and start changing classic powers.
  3. Whoever suggested this idea 8 years ago should really look for royalties from Snapchat in that case, since this power is just xat's take on Snapchat filters.
  4. What was your username?? Do you remember from Freewebs or YodaAds??? This is me on YodaAds in 2012, maybe you recognize me. I don't have any pictures from when I was on freewebs sadly.
  5. I used freewebs in 2008, but only registered on xat in 2009, and by that stage so I used YodaAds. I stayed on YodaAds until its closure in late 2012, whereas I only ever used freewebs so I could have some users on my chatbox on my webs.com website.
  6. That's much more aesthetically pleasing. If this is going to be ''fixed'', I encourage @Admin to do what you did, rather than wrapping it like Paul did.
  7. It looks horrible when it wraps. Hard to read, and doesn't keep the image position consistent with the other divs. I suggest making the font size slightly smaller to accommodate chat names which are very long.
  8. adam_

    ID auction ?

    Admin adding nearly all of Stif's IDs knowing he'll bid 500k for a bad ID if he really has to Thanks, @Admin. We waited a long time for this auction, and it was shown to be another pointless one dominated by individuals with too much power.
  9. Let's hope you do a better job than some of your colleagues, good luck.

    1. xdtf


      Smelly should read this...


      Darren Ferris


  10. If anything, you've succeeded. You may not have gotten the desired result in the end, but you've most certainly brought attention to the massive problem that's killing this website. It's up to @Admin if he's willing to listen to his users who have given years of their life and thousands of dollars to this website, or if he's just willing to sit around and let Discord and other competitors destroy his business. All it takes is one purge @Admin, and your website will re-transform. The old way doesn't work anymore, time is changing.
  11. adam_

    ID auction ?

    80599 Please and thank-you Just to clarify, I 100% intend on going for this ID, so it would be much appreciated.
  12. Hey, Quick little bug with the flash client (I assume due to the recent changes done to PCBACK). If you view someone's gifts, and they have PCBACK, your background will change to their PCBACK image, even if you are on the main chat. Here is an example: Shouldn't be tricky to fix.
  13. For obvious reasons, tr4de is not trade, and it could be misleading to users who think it is the real trade, where there is moderators to ensure safety while trading.
  14. I found xat through the chatroom widget that webs.com provided back in the good old days. I wanted to add a chat to my Club Penguin blog and I just got hooked.
  15. Hey all, another small bug in the new HTML5 client for you ... If a user has a double quote in the name of a pool ("), it fails to load the associated tab as it does on the Flash chat. See the difference below ... (Pool tabs working fine on Flash client) (Two pool tabs failing to load on HTML5 client) Luckily the failure to load the tabs doesn't seem to be caused by the quotes breaking the HTML client (so no XSS vulnerability is present), instead, it is more than likely that there is some XSS-preventative code somewhere in the JS (I don't have the patience to validate that for such a small bug). It's obvious that all that needs to be done here is to remove double quotes from the pool names upon saving the chat settings. Again, a very small bug that doesn't impact anyone as such, but it can all be used to iron out bugs in the HTML5 chat as development progresses. This bug does have the funny effect of being able to 'lock' someone into a pool though, since if the double quote is in the main pool name, there's no way to return to it. Thanks
  16. Hey all, I realised that there is a graphical bug on the user profile dialogue that may have been overlooked. Nothing serious, of course, just it's a little bit confusing when you first see it (for me, at least, it was). Let me show you: When you open a user profile, you may notice that a lot of times the user image takes a little while to load (unless it was previously cached). However, after it loads, it looks normal, like this: However, if you do not give the image adequate time to complete loading, which can happen more often than you'd think as images are sometimes slow to load, problems can arise. One of these problems that I've seen is a graphical glitch, where if you were to, for example, view the user's powers list before the image completed loading, the image would then layer itself in a strange way on the power list when it did complete loading. An example of this effect can be seen below: An easy fix at the end of day, not serious at all, but if we're going to be serious about people using the HTML5 client over the Flash client, ironing out such trivial bugs would be a great first step. Thanks.
  17. When logging into a xat account from an unrecognized device, xat requires further validation by displaying the message below and e-mailing an authentication link: However, when you follow the link in the e-mail sent, you are always given an authorization failed error like this one: This means that even if the tk parameter in the URL is correct, you will always be told that there was an authorization failure. This can be very misleading.
  18. Incorrect, tinypic and other non-ssl hosts could still be used for image hosting if xat delivered the data through their own servers (by requesting the data using their own servers, and transmitting it to the user). A historic example of xat using their own server as a gateway to image hosts can be seen in their old GetImage5.php file (http://i0.xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetImage5.php). Forcing users to adapt to an SSL supported host will only frustrate users, a very bad suggestion from you to cut Tinypic access, Jedi.
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