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  1. Hi Could we maybe make the red and green a more prominent color, or have text indicating whether it is on or off? This little circle is what I am talking about I am red/green colorblind so I cannot tell if a power is activated or deactivated, it all looks the same to me. Thanks
  2. How often are new powers released? I thought it was a weekly thing

    1. Stif


      Not anymore, it's random now. Can take a week, two, three...

  3. question =>


    if i buy ID from marketplace on the forums, can i get it transferred to this current account? i do not want to lose my friends list ,


    thank you

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    2. Stif


      He don't transfer this kind of information. You would have to add your friends all over again.

    3. Sephiroth


      Hi! Sorry for interfering in someone else's post, I hope the author will not be upset. I am also very interested in this subject. And if I'm allowed to, I'd like to ask something @Stif When one buy an id, is it  allowed to transfer the shortname? Or simply lose it? 

    4. Stif


      @Sephiroth If you're a paid user in one of them, yes, you can request a short name transfer.

  4. I ask only for this ID: 8599 I requested this last year too, and I've waited for an auction ever since then. I really hope you can make it happen.
  5. The facebook page does a good job, the twitter however leaves a lot to be desired.
  6. adam_

    APPBOT power intro

    I gotta admit Admin is pretty smart for figuring out a way to get people to pay for the privilege of making content for xat. I'm hating the game, not the player. Good on you.
  7. smelly should read this

  8. Was there no new power released this week?

    1. Samuel
    2. Angelo


      It was delayed because Nocara (Faceoff) was "boosted"

  9. adam_

    Error: Login 1

    Error number 1 when logging in is given when the n attribute in the login packet is not sent. Try a different browser to login with.
  10. Start talking to the other lonely people - you're not the only person who's on their own.
  11. BREAKING NEWS: xat.com rebrands to elxato.es Seriously, who thought randomly switching the language powers were named in was a good idea? As someone said above, breaking consistency is one of the most stupid things you can do, not that Chris cares whats happening to his website anyway. I don't use xat anymore, I have 300k sitting in my account, but I choose purposely not to use xat, and stuff like this is exactly why. I login to these forums once a week only to witness the gradual decline of the power quality. This power had some potential I guess, but how low has the bar been set at this stage? You can't get much worse than BAGHEAD. Naming the power in another language is a weak attempt to cover up how saturated all the smiley options are. Not only that, but it isolates the English speaking users who made this site what it is back in the day. More people know English than Spanish.
  12. This goes hand-in-hand with (BAGHEAD) as the two worst powers to ever come out of this website.
  13. The mobile alternatives are still very poor quality and are missing many paid-features. It's not ready to be used by everyone, yet.
  14. Nobody who's out to get someone is gonna try jack their xat account. :P
  15. The first computer I ever used was a Packard Bell running Windows ME (which I still have in my shed!). However, I eventually got a laptop that had Windows 98. I never got to use Windows 95 everyday for personal use, but it was certainly a crazy leap from previous versions of Windows at the time. I think the best version of Windows ever released was Windows XP. Windows 95 set the template for what a modern operating system should be, and Windows XP was the final product using that template. Microsoft is still building upon that product today.
  16. You know, this idea isn't half bad. It's very easy to spot someone on $tealth, and moderators do not get the ability to use it. However, I would suggest that if this power were to be made, that it be an assignable group power, as opposed to an individual power that each staff member must buy. Why? Because it affects the group, not the individual! :-) This would also mean the power must abide by gcontrol rules.
  17. ... kawaii trees? Come on........
  18. I never noticed that this change was only made for those with the ME power. This is nonsensical. Everyone, power or not, if affected by the lag due to the weird CSS hacks that is needed to do inline CSS modifications. This change should be made for everyone.
  19. xat won't fix genuine issues nowadays, let alone non-issues such as these. I understand you mean well, but let's be real here. None of these 'issues' affect anyone.
  20. Maybe next week they'll release SUPERUSELESS, collect all the useless powers (90% of the powers made since 2015) and get all future useless powers halfprice!
  21. adam_

    Tools for xat

    Pointless app that probably had a lot of wasted time put into it. Not only is it way easier to just access these tools online on a site (doesn't take up memory), it's also very easy to turn this app in to a malicious one. I don't think you have malicious intentions, but who knows, people can have a change of heart. I personally think the admins should block your app from accessing the info it retrieves, and get it pulled from the play store. Focus your time on other things people will use, not gimmicky apps.
  22. adam_

    Acid power

    Might as well throw in an acid attack hug so that you can burn the face off your friends!
  23. adam_

    dabbing power

    Good strategic thinking Darren. Perhaps we can release a KHRISTMASDAB power for the weebs ? Thoughts ?
  24. hey guys here with a suggestion its called the dabbing power and you can dab on the haters possible smilies: for Christmas we can have themed dabbing such as this furthermore, we can increase profi- i mean, user experience, by making more cool meme powers which we can encourage users to collect for a FREE SUPERMEME power thoughts ?
  25. Next week ... SUPERFRUIT - Own all the fruit powers! TURN YOUR PAWN INTO A CARTON OF TROPICANA! SUPERPAWN - Own all the pawn powers! USE EVERY SINGLE PAWN AT ONE TIME! SUPERNAMECOLOR - Own all the name modification powers! GET A RAINBOW NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPERSUBSCRIBER - Have over 100000000 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a specialised thank you message from chris i love xattt
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