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    492 SEASONS

    https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Spring https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Summer https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Autumn https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Winter
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    As I said above, ActionScript 3.0 is perfectly capable of handling the task the OP identified.
  3. adam_


    It is possible in AS3.
  4. adam_


    Next week's new power: BetterFriend So we'll have the positive, comparative, and superlative name split in to three powers GoodFriend, BetterFriend, BestFriend! #xat2018
  5. Wow, it wasn't until you made the GIFs that I realised that the OP is right, xat is stealing other peoples artwork. Especially the (caterpillar), that is a blatant copy!
  6. adam_

    The future of xat: Watch.

    BETTER APRIL FOOLS JOKE: xat releasing a useful power in 2018
  7. adam_

    Previous profiles?

    Unfortunately not, however, I suggest plugging your xatspace URL into the wayback machine (http://archive.org/) and seeing if there is any previous results! You won't get a complete timeline, but you may be able to see one or two previous instances.

  9. adam_

    How do you feel about xat?

    1. Produce powers on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis so that we aren't forced to buy things like 'Cups' 2. Do not produce any more functional powers unless they are also supported by the HTML5 client. Implementing suggestion 1 will help this suggestion be adhered to. 3. Have ID auctions more often, as IDs are the only things that are not devaluing every day. Also, when having these auctions, do not intentionally cater to big-spenders such as Stif, who will just sell back the IDs you want at a marked-up price. 4. Stop making every single edit of the client in to a power. The recent changes to scroll should not have been a power, but just a nice feature. Suggestion 1 will help this, too. 5. Revamp the volunteer team, or do away with it and hire (yes, with real money, Chris has plenty of it) a support team so that customers are not left waiting for weeks, and sometimes months. 6. Hire a team of web-developers to complete the HTML5 chat, as we've been waiting for it for the past three years, and it's in a laughably bad state. (again, Chris has plenty of money, he can do this)! 7. Fix major bugs that have been reported in the Bug Tracker. Most notably, the inability to join on a toon without rapidly clicking the Sign In button, and the ability to bypass a users locked account by logging in via mobile. These bugs are very trivial to fix, but have a major impact in safety and new user growth. 8. Hire a team to repair and complete the mobile apps. 9. Perhaps re-designing the website will give it a fresh modern look? Considering the current one is just a purchased template. 10. Market xat better on social media. Meaningless tweets such as the example below are a very common type of Tweet on the xat Twitter, and they make the website look stupid. I will say, though, that whoever runs the xat Facebook does a very good job. These are 10 things that xat could do to improve itself. It took me a few minutes to compile the list, it'd be good if @Admin could use at least one of these ideas, but after years of no change being done here, I don't have much hope.
  10. adam_

    How do you feel about xat?

    I feel disappointed about xat, a vibrant community vanished in what is akin to a virtual white-flight event. I also feel hopeless for xat, the HTML5 client is laughably bad. If that's the future of the website, then God help us.
  11. adam_

    Nonofficial xat HTML5 Chat (PROTOTYPE INCLUDED) [BETA V0.1]

    xat.com: paint edition
  12. adam_

    Big power Unlimited

    It's not that powers are 'soaring above purple', it's that purple has been heavily devalued (what is it on now, like 16k?). Purple is nearing 10 years old, and there's a lot of better pawn powers on sale. Furthermore, it's unlimited, meaning it would devalue naturally as more and more purples are 'spawned'. Purple is not a good power to measure the state of the economy with. Use something like Gold (which is also losing its value).
  13. adam_

    Big power Unlimited

    It'd also devalue it massively, which is what the economy doesn't need.
  14. adam_

    International Women's Day

    maybe verite will come back now please make this power happen chris i miss her
  15. adam_

    A way to tell if someone is using invisible power

    The power is named "Invisible", not "Invisible to users below Owner". The power has worked fine for years and the customers have been satisfied with it, there's no need to suddenly become pedantic and start changing classic powers.