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  1. cool power, I think there should be like a side app or in html5 chat dialog to easily generate/create smilies and the ability to save them in order to use them again, it would be nice if a app similar to stick power is made to even enable more user customization beyond the existing ones! @LaFleur @Admin @Junior @Mike
  2. it would be too flashy if many people use it in the chat and can be annoying, it can be useful to bring attention but if its made it should have the option for users to disable it if they don't like it...
  3. what does mobile have to do with the browser version?
  4. I have a suggestion for tickle to be moved, I photoshopped the screenshot of @LaFleur for the new html5 chat update and I think it would look better like this since we are used to it @Admin @Maverick heres the unedited one vs Edited one Hope the changes can be made
  5. Joseph


    it would be good as a free feature not a power for others to see, it could be customized based on how each user wants to see his own text and other's text, also for people who have difficulties reading text they can use their browser zoom in and out feature.
  6. there is some issues on different browsers, such as microsoft edge and internet explorer and firefox . 1) first problem is with the xat home page it has issues with width maybe, all the content loads in a narrow vertical area. 2) second problem the html5 chat looks different on other browsers doesnt look smooth and there is bug with pawns and smilies they keep flashing I included a gif and screenshots. 3) third problem is with the chat becoming messed up with messages and enter bug.
  7. inner background outer background chat button color #F72123 you can view them on xat.com/BackAlley if anyone has any suggestion/improvements let me know @ Jose (111999111)
  8. this is a cool idea check this out @Admin it will be great if this system is implemented such as games, treasure hunts, activities, and allows users to unlock certain achievements, hats, rare pawns and other cool features and it could add more value to accounts and users will have something to achieve!
  9. I have a suggestion for some hats I made a headset hat, cop hat, graduation hat , cowboy hat, bandana hat i hope you like them might suggest some more! @Mihay @Admin @Cupim @Mike
  10. The original one is better It should be used instead and the new one is also okay but they can have both be as features of the power so people can have an option to choose from what they want to use since they already made them. #bringbackflagpawn
  11. no they would be as smiley backs...
  12. Nice power, it would be cool if you can add the option of neon to any smiley and even have a neon name that would be more colorful than nameglow/namecolor layer, also a neon pawn would be nice...
  13. interesting power it just needs more smilies like volcanoes, hotmountain, lava, runlava, desertmountain, mountain hot tub, forest mountain, mountain hike, mountain cycling, mountain air balloon, mountain sunset , mountain lovers 2 yellow smilies hugging on top of a mountain, mountain bridge, mountain cable car, mountain zip lining...
  14. Joseph

    2017 powers

    Diamond for 2017 xat needs a new permanent pawn anyway they haven't made one since everypower and i think it would be a nice addition to the collection, price range 15k-50k with some bling smilies like yellow smilies with diamond earrings, diamond ring, diamond hat, diamond chain?!
  15. Joseph

    2017 powers

    Snakes are not friendly i wouldnt want to buy one
  16. Joseph

    2017 powers

    i think xat has enough animal powers, im not a fan of them, we need new fancy powers at low price
  17. the smiley (firesparkle) looks more like a volcano, should have more of a fireworks feel with more frames and a smoother feel, also i have a suggestion for some additional yellow smilies like 2 yellow smilies hugging watching fireworks and a yellow smiley with fireworks blasting in the background, a fireworks smiley with a blasting finally multiple colorful fireworks with shine/sparkle, another smiley waving bye to year 2016 and pulling out 2017 could also be a smiley kicking the year 2016 and becoming 2017 with a shocking face, last smiley would be year 2017 with fireworks blasting in the bac
  18. since it's almost new years i thought about suggesting these new flix powers since there hasn't been any flix powers in a long time, it should consist of fireworks flix, party lights flix, stars flix, count down flix, happy new year flix, drinksflix, bellsflix there should be also a snowing flix, feel free to suggest improvements, maybe it shouldnt require you to buy like 32 of the same power to be able to use all the flix, maybe 1 power could be enough for using all the flix.. just like hugs power i think it should be made this week !!!
  19. The smiley (swaves) should be a in a different power (wavefx) since there is no sparkle related to it
  20. i have some smiley suggestions for this power these are some ideas and also i would suggest a sparkling new christmas tree and ornaments and some yellow smilies such as a yellow smiley with sparkling rain or snow, sparkle gift, sparkling icicle i hope this can inspire some new smilies to the power
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