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  1. CSR3KT

    Ocean Bot

    Okay, I understand your position. I'm contacting xat staff, I even wondering how xat staff can accept this "last seen" option, which overrides the (nofollow) power. And obvsly I'm not the only one... It's not against you Jedi, but against your forced bot option. Greetings. NoSuperstar - 110288879
  2. CSR3KT

    Ocean Bot

    [Please move this topic in right section if I've posted it in the false one] Hello, Since 2 days, I'm unable to sign out from the Ocean Bot !userinfo service. All users can now have access to my profile (Pseudo, avatar are not a problem for me), but they can now have access to the "last seen" option; All users can now bypass my (nofollow) power to see where am I at the moment... Please, remove this functionnality from the bot, or at least let the users sign out from this service... I've contacted Jedi, the owner of Ocean Bot; He doesn't want to do anything with this command... Thanks to enlight me on this Bot command. I'm surprised that xat is usually "over protected" for users creations, but this time Bots are taking so much place on chatrooms; please do something to protect users from AI...
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