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  1. well i am not sure if you understand what i am talking about but i think we have to wait for other's opinion too
  2. its not about identity its about to make some changes to make users feel something new......??? do you see powers on facebook ? do you see namecolor nameglow on whatsapp? do you see shortname page on twitter? i said make some themes that means xat will not fix them but he will make change same as xat change their logo on special events
  3. why always only blue color? its not necessary to use blue always and i think xat need to make 2 3 different color themes that he can change for their users with seasons like red or pink color theme on valentine day and black skyblue purple etc. so users will see new color and they will not get bored to seeing same theme always here is some color examples anyways i can make a better layout example but i am a bit busy these days otherwise i would suggest something better anyways hope you guys will make some change... http://prntscr.com/miwu7z http://prntscr.com/miwupd http://prntscr.com/miwv6c http://prntscr.com/miwwv6
  4. then try it without blue gradient will be better because i don't have seen it live so i am not sure if you are using bootstrap 4 or not anyways i will show you what i am talking about if i will get some time to make a layout.
  5. bootstrap 4 would be a great approach then this ugly layout. anyways its just a suggestion..... and i think we need to do some kind of change then this blue and dark blue gradient why always same gradient because of our chat layout??
  6. its Thanksgiving Day Please Correct Spells
  7. devilheart25 (1482126823)
  8. ok thanks i was don't know that
  9. maybe it can replace with someone else ?
  10. @Leandro there are 3 hats not 2 correct it please
  11. according to pow2 Raccoons
  12. powers requaired: 89:(summer) ,128:(Beach),229:(Seaside),296:(Summerflix),343:(Vacation),345:(Shells),398:(Summerland),401:(Summerhug),445:(Splashfx)
  13. smilies: (supersummer) (grilling) (icelick) (melt) (raft) (snorkel) (supersun) pawns: (hat#h#ssummer)(hat#h#sdrop)(hat#h#sbubble)(hat#h#summerhug)(hat#h#suring)(hat#h#subeach)(hat#h#sunbed)(hat#h#sunice)(hat#h#swim)(hat#h#scrab)(hat#h#sfan)(hat#h#beachdrink)(hat#h#dolphin)(hat#h#seatree)(hat#h#nautilus)(hat#h#pearlshell)(hat#h#shells)(hat#h#vac1)(hat#h#vac2) powers requaired: 89:(summer) ,128:(Beach),229:(Seaside),296:(Summerflix),343:(Vacation),345:(Shells),398:(Summerland),401:(Summerhug),445:(Splashfx)
  14. Devil

    Textflag Power

    this is how it would looks like : http://prntscr.com/jxt0nt and to use it you have to put code (text#000001#flag#us) and it will show us flag
  15. Devil

    Zoom2 power

    what about pcback and pcbr
  16. well better if we can get boosted (hat) power or if we can get some more functions with that hats power
  17. Devil

    Gold in Nickname

    well is happens sometimes but not all the times ... mostly in the chats that have many users and maybe its something like internet issue i means if you can have poor internet connection
  18. Devil

    Reward System

    you are right but i am just talking about few old powers that users should need to have and what about the new up coming 10000000 future powers that will make income for xat the main thing is traffic if xat will have traffic then users will buy powers to show off themselves but if xat will have no users then who they will get income... hope you understand and thanks for your opinion Rules goes change since xat have rights to do whatever he can
  19. Currently xat focus only in powers and html5 but i think he have to think about users too.... few ideas i am gonna share.. 1) Reward System well xat should need to have reward system for users who stay more or who have popular groups how to reward ? well xat can make 1 more currency called coins why coins not xats ? because many peoples are invested their money on xats so its not fair to give xats for free.. what coins can do? you are able to use kiss with coins you are able to use hugs (powers needed) coins are not transfer able you are able to convert coins into days or xats(optional if xat think is good) 100 coins = 2 days or 27 xats (if 4 option able to use also price able to change) with coins maybe able to buy few powers too like (colors,nameglow,hat,hugs powers,kiss powers) How to get coins? Chat Owners: if their chat reach 50 users they will get 100 coins,100 users = 100 coins,150 users = 150 coins Note: users should need to be registered and reward will get once in 24 hours Normal users: if they can keep stay minimum 5 or 6 hours in 24 hours they will get 10 or 20 coins Note: don't have to stay in one chat only he/she is able to switch chats Why xat can do? only free chat is not enough to get users because now a days everyone giving that opportunity even whatsapp is much better if we want only chat or chatgroup but xat is something about powers and features so they have to give something free to get more users... more users = more money Note: @Admin follow trends you know much better then me.... now a days even not have copyright issue 1) Level System will post Soon Guys Please Send Me Feedbacks...
  20. Devil

    Gold in Nickname

    in flash chat? well my another friend test and he also have bug https://prnt.sc/j31vo8
  21. Devil

    Gold in Nickname

    well i prefer that sloom can check because its just about gold if you can use combination like (ruby#ruby#pray#fefcb4#halo#b45f04#fefcb4#angel#fefcb4) it works very fine so its all about gold more i think we don't have to do login to keep combination work it should need to work as others
  22. i think everything is explained already however you can test by yourself the code is (gold#gold#pray#fefcb4#halo#b45f04#fefcb4#angel#fefcb4) just put on your nick and reload page
  23. very nice power for halloween ... great work
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