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  1. 4 minutes ago, MisteR said:



    If I want to use chat in the classic format, will it be possible? (edit)(hmm)

    or is it already possible?


    If you are talking about the pools, they will be like flash in the future. Don't worry about.

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  2. 1 hour ago, LaFleur said:

    We should keep in mind that xat may want to preserve its overall user interface, whether it's the chat or the new web. I'm sure they could've created a Discord 2.0, but that wouldn't be xat anymore, would it?


    Each site has its own interface. It's not because people likes more the discord interface that xat has to do the same than them. So yeah, if it was about to be changed, it wouldn't be xat anymore. We had already a fast thread about that but for the chat interface and all the points were put on the table.


    11 hours ago, Brandon said:

    It doesn't matter if it's in beta or if more features will be added. The general design of the chat box and its related features still hold the general design of 12 years ago.


    If you don't like it, then suggest improvements/ideas?


    It's easy to criticize the work but not suggesting ideas to improve it. If you come here, it's to suggest ideas and improvements to make it better and not belittle the work of the admins. I can understand that you don't like much xat but it's not a reason to be so negative like that about. Users feedbacks and ideas are always appreciated but un-constructives comments will not help to make it better.


    Pretty sure if it was your work, you would understand my point and you would rather see ideas/improvements than old critics like "it looks like the design of 12 years ago." I really hope, you understand what I want to say and not turn my comment into something I didn't imagine. Anyways Lafleur said everything about your previous points.


    11 hours ago, Brandon said:

    Please take a look at The Chromium Projects' Flash Roadmap:

    • Flash Disabled by Default (Target: Chrome 76+ - July 2019).

    • Flash Support Removed from Chromium (Target: Chrome 87+ - Dec 2020).


    Oh well, we still have the time to build HTML5 before the end of Flash. Why are you so preventive?


    HTML5 chat is in development (enough to use it), most of the xat things in flash will be HTML5 soon. 


    We are not so late compared to the planned date for the end of Flash.


    17 hours ago, iDani said:

    Another problem is that this and the majority of applications looks great when the background takes up a lot of space


    You mentioned the smileys application but we have a better thing for that added somewhere in the lab.


    This app will be eventually removed since it's a really awful app with lags and missing smileys.


    16 hours ago, SethTI said:

    Where's youtube on the apps?


    Forgotten in the grey hole.


    Thank you for noticing it.


    17 hours ago, iDani said:

    Another problem that I'm looking at is when you try to open the groups or the store and want to go to some popular chat or go direct to trade and I do not open another window but send me direct closing to which I am


    Do you mean it should open the page in another tab instead of the current one? Possible!

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  3. 2 minutes ago, iDani said:

    You could improve even more this new update of html5


    Just a small reminder: the web page is still in beta so we may change the page in the future with better improvements!


    Ideas and improvements are appreciated and will help to make it better.


    Thank you.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Brandon said:

    Interesting that the "new" design is actually the same old design with a fresh coat of paint


    Actually the same? Didn't know on the old design we had "dropdowns", a way to see if you are connected on an account and more "future" features. :s 


    You're just pure negativity on the development of the page. You can judge the final product but not the beta of the product because it's not finished at all !


    7 hours ago, Brandon said:

    Nothing new.


    Unaware of the future changes, your comment is not valid. 


    Just a fun fact: The new webpage is still in beta. We will talk back later when all the good stuff are added and see if you are still saying that there is "nothing new". ;) 


    This is funny how people are still complaining even if admins do the effort to change something. We are well on xat where people are NEVER happy of what admins are doing. They are late yeah, but better late than never.


    7 hours ago, Brandon said:

    This is what we should have had many years ago


    Negative. Bootstrap 4 was released this year. Sorry buddy.


    Yes the new web page uses the latest version of the Boostrap framework.


    9 hours ago, Arthur said:

    Basically, every time Chrome is updated, it becomes harder to browse on xat (or any other Flash-based website.)


    It will never become harder to browse flash chat. Chrome is smart enough to add settings in their browser to still allow flash as well. 


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  5. 53 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    You answered it yourself:


    Last time we brougt up the suggestion of a "function" power was in February 2017. It was implemented in early 2018. Other suggestions were left out and/or ignored.


    Keep nagging if you want something .. I had suggested the "Sline" suggestion from the forums to the admins. 1 week later, the suggestion was made.


    The problem here is, you don't "nag" them enough. If you really want the thing, you would do anything to get it. A forum post is never enough and it won't get attention from them.


    Other suggestions were left out and/or ignored. - I can only see the reason of "it's hard to do" or "too much work". Admins are only up to suggestions that are easy to do and not so long to do. I asked a billion times for a new game but they said it was too much "difficult" especially when it's multiplayer.


    38 minutes ago, Damien said:

    When old users I have known visit xat and we talk about powers it's not really the 100k tag behind ruby that we find funny or are frustrated about but rather the fact that ruby was stripped from the old everypower and then given the 100k tag.


    I can agree, but the price was justified with the fact that we had a "jewel" effect with Ruby. At the beginning, we were about to have a "Jewel" power for 10,000 xats but they changed it with Ruby power.


    The 100k price is also followed by a pattern (This is just a theory I had before)

    • Purple is 25k in store.
    • Gold is 50k in store. (Purple price * 2 = 50k)
    • Ruby is 100k in store. (Gold price * 2 = 100k).

    We can assume that 100k comes from this pattern if the theory is correct.


  6. 5 hours ago, lcky said:

    Instead of Releasing powers in cheap cost , release them at bit expensive prices like 1000 - 1500 xats each . 


    Let's be honest on a few things.


    I do not agree on the fact that admins should release some powers a bit expensive. It has to be fair for everyone, not only for the rich people. 


    Power price has to be fair when it doesn't have a big "potential" (E.g: smiley power). It has to be fair for people that have less than 1000 xats in their wallet. When Ruby went out in store for 100k, you all got mad because:

    • it was super expensive
    • It was crashing xat store

    and there you are asking for powers to be a bit expensive .. I don't get you.


    If you have better ideas than that, then post them and we can talk about that with the admins to see what do they think about.


    Self note: Do not think we never tried to make them release less powers but they most likely ignored the idea. Lafleur can confirm this.


    5 hours ago, HelperNate said:

    Suggestions made on forum should take about 2 weeks to a month to be considered by the volunteers and admins, and after that period, the suggesting user should get notified that if it's good enough to add, it will be added as soon as possible, or if it's bad, should be told it won't be added and provide a reason for not being accepted.


    Aren't you a contributor to make that possible? If you really want that to happen, open a thread in the contributor section, talk about that with the group and mention the admins. That's simple and fast.


    4 hours ago, Laming said:

    # Weekly powers (80% of them are useless, not function etc).


    Let's make function every week and slow down the HTML5 development (It's already slow enough like that). Plus we have some small functions so they are not fully "smileys power". ;) 


    4 hours ago, Laming said:

    # No marketing, xat is a big UK company, but don't care about ads in Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter or whatever, the users stay same, but lot of them will leave xat, and later will be too late.


    Who said they don't care about "ads" ? No one. It's not because they are doing nothing at the moment that they don't care about. They have mentioned multiple times in the group of testers that they want more users so your argument is totally false about.

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  7. I've found a temporary solution about flash permission reset each time you close/open your browser:

    • Go to chrome://flags/
    • Search "Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions"
    • Set it to disabled.



    After that, restart your browser and normally it shouldn't ask you for flash permission once you have enabled it.

    Actually when you allow flash, permissions are reset when you close your browser but once you have disabled the settings, it shouldn't reset it anymore.


    On my side, I had my previous settings from Chrome 68 and it worked fine. Chrome didn't ask me for flash permission anymore and it loaded fine.

    I'm sorry in advance if this suggestion was already suggested because I saw nothing.


    Tested on version: 69.0.3497.81




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  8. 10 minutes ago, MisteR said:

    Price of 200 xats is totally without coherence with the power line!


    200 xats is a fair price. Do you ever think about people that do not have more than 200 xats?


    It's better to have a power priced to 200 xats where everyone can almost afford, than a power for 1k+ where only "rich" people can afford.


    Some people on xat are just based off profit and don't think about other.


    Let's say, opacity is a basic power of fade and clear. If you want to upgrade to something else, then you buy fade and after clear.

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