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  1. This is more considered as a bug than a suggestion.


    The HTML5 testers have considered this, on the board where we manage bugs.


    It will most likely be implemented in the future, but no date has been given.

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  2. 42 minutes ago, DonQuijote said:

    For me is not important if this idea is power or no


    You probably understood bad.


    I said, the idea is good but the use (how to use it) is kinda bad ! Macros are bad, and we need a better solution instead (as I suggested).


    Nowhere, i was talking about how important is the power. 6w3sjJU.png


    23 minutes ago, lemona said:

    Agreed. Should be something physically on the chat like when you click your name. It would also be nice for it to have features for how long you’d like to set it for (ex. 24 hours, 3 days etc) so you wouldn’t have to manually change it everytime.


    Yes I agree it should be on chat, but should be implemented for HTML5 and mobile only.


    On HTML5 and mobile, we have several spaces to put things, so I think, settings page would be the best place for this power. 


  3. The idea seems very good and easy to implement but the use of the power is kinda bad.


    You are not able to read other people macros because it's a client side feature only.


    In my opinion, i think it would be better to have a settings on the chat or website where you can set your message and then it can be saved on xat side. So, when you pc someone, the message can be recovered without any issues.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Leandro said:

    Wasn't this removed due that being private information?


    It was removed because a guy called Techrax asked admins to remove this, for "privacy" reasons.


    But before, bots were able to see transactions between users.

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  5. Newyear pawns have been added!


    Clear cache to see them.


    Pawns list: champagne, newyear, year2, five, fireworks2, firecrackers, firecracker, nyballoon, fw2


    I will edit this post if more are added.

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  6. Issue was addressed to the admins.


    Current list of pawns that are usable without SUPERXMAS: glitterfx, cracker, bulb, chimney, choirstar, cracker, gift, glitterfx, hol1, hol2, hol3, hover, iceheart, lights, santa, sleigh, snowman2, sock, tr2, tr3, tr4, winterlamp, xmasbulb, xmascandle, xmasginger, xmgift, xmstar, xmwreath.


    Pawns not working without SUPERXMAS: kxgingerman, kxreindeer, kxsman, kxswoman, kxwreathe, snows.


    List might be extended with more pawns.


    Edit: Issue with pawns not working if you don't have SUPERXMAS has been fixed.




    The pawns list has been updated to this one: glitterfx, cracker, bulb, chimney, choirstar, cracker, gift, glitterfx, hol1, hol2, hol3, hover, iceheart, kxgingerman, kxreindeer, kxsman, kxswoman, kxwreathe, lights, santa, sleigh, snowman2, snows, sock, tr2, tr3, tr4, winterlamp, xmasbulb, xmascandle, xmasginger, xmgift, xmstar, xmwreath.


    They should all be usable with XMASBONUS.




    Also, pawns list for SUPERXMAS has changed! I'm not 100% sure if this is temp or perm.


    New pawns list: santa, snowman, claus, ornament2, treefx, bulb2, xmbow, tr1, choirtree, bauble, xtree

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Solange said:


    I've tried to use the snows pawn but it didn't work. I mean, it worked but when I went to another chat it stopped working. Same with the bulb pawn.


    Tried on 2 chats, and bulb pawn was working.




    About snows pawn, I think it will not work without the SUPERXMAS collection. 


    I have disabled SUPERXMAS, pawn didn't work but when enabling SUPERXMAS again, it worked.

  8. New pawns list: glitterfx,cracker,bulb,chimney,choirstar,cracker,gift,glitterfx,hol1,hol2,hol3,hover,iceheart,kxgingerman,kxreindeer,kxsman,kxswoman,kxwreathe,lights,santa,sleigh,snowman2,snows,sock,tr2,tr3,tr4,winterlamp,xmasbulb,xmascandle,xmasginger,xmgift,xmstar,xmwreath


    New smilies list: xmasbonus,glitterfx,beard,cane,sdeer,pole,wreath,xface,snowangel,snowm

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  9. To complete admin's post:


    Pawns are: hol1,hol2,hol3,glitterfx

    Smilies are: xmasbonus,glitterfx

    Required powers: hat.


    XMASBONUS is only a temp collection and will go later. 

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  10. Hello,


    As some of you have noticed, Google has definitely blocked Adobe Flash Player on the latest version of their Chrome browser which is version 71 (stable). I'm not sure if it's from 71 or 70 because It wasn't blocked by default like on the current version.


    You can see the changelog from there: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/12/05/google-chrome-71/ and notice that they have removed the flash settings to auto allow flash.


    Normally, they ask you if you want to allow flash (on the swf) but now, it will just say "Adobe Flash Player is blocked".




    But thank you, we have a solution to avoid that. The only issue is that you will have to do this every time you restart your browser because unfortunately they have removed Flash settings in the chrome://flags page.


    All you have to do is:

    • Click the "padlock" next to the url address.
    • Click the dropdown next to Flash
    • Click "Allow"
    • Refresh.




    You are now saved from Flash being blocked. Don't forget to do this when you restart your browser!


    Hopefully it helps future users with this issue while updating Chrome to next version.


    @Admin should start worrying about speeding up the HTML5 development before Flash is gone forever because I think it will be the last solution to enable Flash.


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  11. This feature can be interesting in the case to see if there are malicious actions on your account or have an history of your actions on xat.


    I can see something like a button on login "request actions history" and it would send all the actions history (in a text file) on the email of the relied account. Maybe the best option to avoid security issues if email is well protected?


    Example of actions:


    Date                         Regname                         Action

    05/12/2018            SLOom                             Bought gold power in store

    01/12/2018            SLOom                             Gave xats to xat (42)



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