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  1. Your list is good (not fully correct) but testers and admins have already a board with full of bugs to fix and things (missing features/suggestions) to add. Each version, we try to have a list of things to add next but admins have their priorities and we cannot deny this fact and force them to do something out of their todolist.


    We cannot guarantee the addition of missing features in the next version but we try our best for.


    That's my input about.

  2. 19 hours ago, Solange said:


    For a moment I thought this was opened in the Contributors section... Can we pass this directly to Admins then? (a)


    Obviously we can but can someone tell me how playlist embed work on Spotify? Or just link me the page about.


    So we can explain to the admins for bbcode... thank you.


    Edit: Thanks OJ.

  3. 47 minutes ago, Keiner said:

    ¬ŅNo puede tener el cosquilleo? Dos amigos respondieron correctamente el cuestionario de seguridad y no recibieron el cosquilleo. Intent√© hacerlo yo mismo en mi otra cuenta, sucedi√≥ lo mismo, complet√© el formulario correctamente y todav√≠a no tengo el cosquilleo.


    6 minutes ago, Roka said:

    I had tickle before trying that quiz, I have completed quiz twice, I didn't get the tickle and its removed now. so how to get it back now? any solution!?


    Maybe before posting, you should read my comment.


    3 hours ago, SLOom said:

    Just to tell you know, there is a small issue with getting tickle after completing the quiz.


    Admins have been noticed about. Please wait before completing quiz again until tickle is 100% fixed.


    This comment will be updated when this is okay.


    Thank you.


  4. 2 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    Would you say that you should also be able to create pools without the need of having online users? For example up to 5 custom pools with a custom name, showing also the amount of users online per pool?


    I think, he wants something to being able to change the name of the generated pools when there are a lot of users. (e.g: nifty town)

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