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  1. 19 hours ago, Solange said:


    For a moment I thought this was opened in the Contributors section... Can we pass this directly to Admins then? (a)


    Obviously we can but can someone tell me how playlist embed work on Spotify? Or just link me the page about.


    So we can explain to the admins for bbcode... thank you.


    Edit: Thanks OJ.

  2. 47 minutes ago, Keiner said:

    ¿No puede tener el cosquilleo? Dos amigos respondieron correctamente el cuestionario de seguridad y no recibieron el cosquilleo. Intenté hacerlo yo mismo en mi otra cuenta, sucedió lo mismo, completé el formulario correctamente y todavía no tengo el cosquilleo.


    6 minutes ago, Roka said:

    I had tickle before trying that quiz, I have completed quiz twice, I didn't get the tickle and its removed now. so how to get it back now? any solution!?


    Maybe before posting, you should read my comment.


    3 hours ago, SLOom said:

    Just to tell you know, there is a small issue with getting tickle after completing the quiz.


    Admins have been noticed about. Please wait before completing quiz again until tickle is 100% fixed.


    This comment will be updated when this is okay.


    Thank you.


  3. 2 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    Would you say that you should also be able to create pools without the need of having online users? For example up to 5 custom pools with a custom name, showing also the amount of users online per pool?


    I think, he wants something to being able to change the name of the generated pools when there are a lot of users. (e.g: nifty town)

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  4. Tflag: adding #w[FLAG CODE] will change the flag on the right side of the t-shirt.


    tshirts/tshirts2: adding #w[option below] will change the tshirt by another one

    • "a",
    • "b",
    • "c",
    • "d",
    • "e",
    • "f",
    • "g"
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  5. 2 minutes ago, Jedi said:


    Does it work with bots on others users ?


    No, admins made this so only developers can edit their own data.


    Bots have to use <bs /> packet.


    Maybe if they get convinced, they can change it.

  6. Here we go.


    The API is now available for public beta.

    This API is only for developers who wish to edit their own data. 


    Url: https://xat.com/api/botstat.php


    Usage: https://xat.com/api/botstat.php?r=5&u=110110&k=MYSUPERTOKEN&a=5&h=xat.com&n=test


    Errors list:

    • ERROR 5: The user was not found on the chatroom
    • ERROR 6: The user needs status power enabled/set
    • ERROR 7: The user needs botstat power
    • ERROR 9: Too many request. 3 packets each 20 seconds.
    • ERROR 10: Nothing to do. You didn't provide a correct parameter.


    • r: roomid (required)
    • u: userid (required)
    • k: token from login (required)
    • a: avatar (optional)
    • h: homepage (optional)
    • n: name (optional)
    • s: status (optional)

    If you wish to send a name and status in same time, just use the 'n' parameter and set it this way: &n=NAME##STATUS.



    • API returns JSON response instead of blank page.
    • Botstat API is now working on all chats.
    • Botstat is now working for self on HTML5.

    A few improvements will come later.

    If you find any bugs, please report there.


    Thank you.

  7. 23 hours ago, Jedi said:

    A "Off" button is the solution.


    This solution is already "Country".


    Country is protected = off & locked = off.


    Nothing has changed between old login and new login system.

    Not sure how you are getting held.


    Are you held everytime you login or only once?

    Was it happening on old login ? You probably didn't notice since we had no message.



    Reminder about protect meaning:

    • Country: PROTECTED = OFF, LOCKED = OFF

    • Internet provider: PROTECTED = ON, LOCKED = OFF

    • IP address: PROTECTED = ON, LOCKED = ON

  8. 9 hours ago, Nathan said:

    think so, yes. What about the newer less experienced users who are not quite aware yet of the advantages of using the trade chats for better deals?


    That's a good point.


    If it can help new and current users to control their purchases by showing a total price before submit; then we should implement it.


    Thank you for you review.

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  9. We got similar suggestions about ignore already.


    Btw, this is something that can be improved on HTML5 and not as a power.


    But a self note; it wouldn't stop a person by changing their ID and bothering you again.


    24 minutes ago, Bunnie said:

    Btw, im new here. ♥


    Welcome to xat! (hi)


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  10. Is this suggestion good enough to be added despite the percentage of users buying on the store?


    We could consider adding this if it's something that users would like to see added.


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