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  1. 7 hours ago, ChatCristiano said:

    Link: https://xat.com/SintoniaCristiana

    ID: 220148289


    Link: https://xat.com/DevocionTotal

    ID: 217326632


    Link: https://xat.com/CitasCristianas

    ID: 194754656


    Link: https://xat.com/SoydeCristo

    ID: 219925494


    Link: https://xat.com/JesusteAma

    ID: 13192752


    Sorry for the delay.


    They are now working. You may need to add ?z at the end of each group because of a cache issue. E.g: https://xat.com/SoydeCristo?z


    Thank you for your patience.




    8 hours ago, DJFUNNY said:


    Someone else came to ayuda about this issue as well, his chat group is: xat.com/latinos_in_sould 








  2. 15 hours ago, Davidss1001 said:

    A new $Macro could probably accomplish this.


    If it's getting added, it will be probably HTML5 only imo.


    And macros are purely a joke now.. we can have a setting instead. IkWh4XV.png

  3. Your list is good (not fully correct) but testers and admins have already a board with full of bugs to fix and things (missing features/suggestions) to add. Each version, we try to have a list of things to add next but admins have their priorities and we cannot deny this fact and force them to do something out of their todolist.


    We cannot guarantee the addition of missing features in the next version but we try our best for.


    That's my input about.

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