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  1. 3 hours ago, HelperNate said:

    What if INCIDENTALLY your xat account password is exactly the same as another Main Owner's (set by main power)? What would happen? Might I suggest a dialogue box that can say something like:


    We do send another data to the backend (passHash/deviceId) to know which account to check. Even if you have the same password as someone else, it doesnt matter.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Maxo said:

    i think this topic shouldn't be posted here in NEW POWER TESTING forum,  it's already mentioned in @LaFleur's topic is enough.


    We did another thread to announce publicly this new MAIN power. I don't see a problem to have another thread for that since it was mainly planned this way with Lafleur.


    If you had read properly, MAIN power allows you to add custom permissions instead of full permissions.


    2 hours ago, Toby said:

    can I do this power if it is also set for admin? if the main owner wants to give access to admin


    What do you mean? You don't need the power to add another main. This is just required if you want to add custom permissions.

  3. I really like the idea and it's quite easy to implement it (at least the show/hide message).


    Anyways, I can agree that it can be kinda boring to sign out/in just to avoid including your PM in the screenshot. It reminds me of the FEXBots feature in their logs system (mail cannot be read in logs but hidden by default).

  4. It should've been posted in the bugs tracker since this is most likely a bug.


    On 6/23/2020 at 5:57 PM, Daniel said:

    Currently on the new chat edit, if an unregistered user creates a chat group or switches their existing group over to the new system by adding a new main owner, they will be unable to add themself as main owner or use the "get main" button as currently it only allows registered (logged in) users to do so.


    Unregistered users should still be able to own and manage a chat group on the new website and someone may want to add an unregistered user as main on their chat also.


    It will be fixed in the future.


    On 6/23/2020 at 5:57 PM, Daniel said:

    There's also a bug within this too, as if an unregistered user adds a main owner and moves their chat over to the new web, they will be unable to re-gain main via the old web and lose their rank in their chat unless they register.


    This is intended. You will not be able to gain main owner via old web anymore once a main owner were added on new web. 

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  5. 28 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    The "export" button on the group powers tab should give some sort of feedback once it is pressed if there's no custom settings to export, as of right now you just click it and nothing happens.


    What do you suggest? Hide export button or simply show a message "No setting to export" ? 

  6. No maintenance or anything was planned. 


    A bad issue happened after admins updated a small thing on server and it should now be fixed.


    When xat is in maintenance, admins are always posting something on Twitter before doing something, so you cant say that admins dont care.

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  7. We understand totally your disappointment regarding HTML5 development and we do our best to pleasure users.


    For your concerns, we are not just testing on Chrome and Opera but Chrome, Opera and Safari (because we have Apple testers). You might also know that we started to track Firefox/Edge bugs even tho if we had already tracked some of them but it appears that they are extremely hard to fix (like shaking smilies). You will still need to wait before seeing things fixed on Firefox but we took the commitment to test as well on Firefox for the next features.


    We know you prefer xat to fix bugs instead of adding new features but we prefer to do both (fix bugs / add new features) because it's a way to attract users by using HTML5 chat over Flash chat even if it's not going to have effect on all users.


    43 minutes ago, Voymo said:

    Fix the old stuff first before adding new stuff, or the future result will be a buggy, confusing mess you won't be able to keep track of anymore, trust me.


    We have a board where we are tracking bugs, and we also count on users to report bugs on the bugs tracker. It's also a job for users to tell us bugs that we didn't find, so if you find a bugs, report it in the bug tracker !


    Thank you for your input regarding HTML5 development.


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  8. Already considered with a better concept than the groups powers design (we are still discussing this.)


    But that's not something which will come very soon since it's considered low priority compared to the better stuff we will add.


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  9. 57 minutes ago, Leandro said:

    Also, the additional options and miscellaneous buttons just seem too big in my opinion, could make them a little smaller too?


    It won't be possible unfortunately.


    Back in a time when we had tested with small button but it was breaking with some languages, so we decided to use big buttons.

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  10. If you say that it's not something regarding gambling/lottery, then we are in good term with your idea.


    I was just saying that, since xat is really restricted in a few things and it's not the time to get in trouble because of laws.


    9 minutes ago, Erick said:

    With respect to you @SLOom, the price is already fixed, for example, in the box it says that it contains 5 powers, of which to calculate the final price of the box, it is simply to use the store price of each one and add them.


    Ok, that's fine then. Thank you for your answer regarding this!


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  11. I'm kinda worried about something regarding this idea after reading Crow comment.


    Do you get a "mystery box" each time you buy the power ? Or it's happening randomly? If it's randomly, it's considered as "gambling/lottery" which is something xat can't do because of UK laws (like a blackfriday we used to have in the past).


    But anyways, the idea is interesting. It could be interesting to be able to choose the theme and maybe the amount of powers you want in the box (for people who can't spend much xats). But regarding the final price of the box, is it automatically calculated or you have to put an amount of xats? To be honest, I was lazy to read the full post, so if you can enlighten me a little on this.. :p 


    Keep up the good work!


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  12. 2 hours ago, Crow said:

    Would they clutter up the chat box and cause flood?


    I'm not seeing any issues with that. We have stickers which are kinda big and i'm not seeing any people spamming them? If they do spam gifs, you can simply ban them?


    2 hours ago, Crow said:

    Would grainy, low resolution GIFs make the chat look bad?


    What if you can zoom the gif by clicking it? ;) 


    2 hours ago, Crow said:

    Would they cause more lag for users?


    If it was about to be implemented, the first thing which will be added is a setting to disable gifs in chat, so if it gives lags to the users, they can simply turn it off.


    2 hours ago, Crow said:

    Would users spend less money on sticker powers, hug powers, kisses and even smiley powers because of them?


    No, users would still spend money on powers like the ones you mentioned (because of everypower). You think you can do "gif combinations" like you can do with a smiley power? No. 


    Gifs can be a great experience for xat and also a modern thing (outside of powers etc) but can still be restricted in the use of that.



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