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  1. On 11/11/2020 at 9:36 PM, Abrahan said:
    • Options:¬†Add an option to swipe to the right to show the following options (something similar to Whatsapp)

              - Favorites

              - Share this chat

              - Report this chat

              - Remove / delete this chat (swipe left)


    I'd rather have a "long press" feature where it shows what you defined (except favorite). Example: You long press the chat line and it shows a popup with the options.


    On 11/11/2020 at 9:36 PM, Abrahan said:
    • Online users: Shows the number of connected users, also a visualization of the image of a maximum of 3 connected users.
    • ¬†


    Not something implemented on server side .. not sure if we can do that. 


    On 11/11/2020 at 9:36 PM, Abrahan said:
    • Design:¬†The bar that shows the chat is square, I think it would look much more modern if you make the edges rounded.



    Black color on a black background ? Don't think it matches much :( 


    By the way, thank you.


    We will analyze the different ideas with the admins and see what we can conclude for the next releases. Feel free to suggest more ideas before it's too late ;) 

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  2. 2 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    the chat has a limit, it enters with 2 users, from the main user it try to spam, to write messages quickly, and from the other user to look in the chat to see
    on the first user you see the messages sent, but other users do not see the messages.


    This is done by purpose because of the spam.


    2 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    lso emoticons you see the same emoticons, but other users do not see this, I noticed that the problem is not apples, but only sometimes, I do not understand why


    It depends of GetStrip8 (which is used to generate smiley - still being fixed).


    2 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    as for youtube, no, it doesn't work for me.
    use windows 10, chrome browser


    I'm using the same OS and browser. Feel free to open the dev console and posting here if there are any errors which can help to identify the issues (if there is one).

  3. xat will be updating its current captcha (which is recaptcha v2) to recaptcha v3.


    It was decided that it would be more user-friendly for xat users when registering a new account or recovering a xat account via the lost password page. A complete doc can be found here on how recaptcha v3 works: https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/v3


    An update regarding this will be posted in the new web changelog when this is updated.

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  4. 9 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    gamebo doesn't work, matchrace doesn't open on html5


    Flash app not opening is a known bug and will be fixed in a future version (we recently found the problem).


    9 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    also youtube doesn't open on html5




    9 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    the chat has a limit, meaning I write 10 words and it displays only 4-5




    9 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    when someone sends gifts on the main, the chat is blocked, you can not close the page


    You have to click the gift animation. It will be improved in the future.


    9 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    the content on the chat loads 5 times harder than it does on the flashplayer




    9 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    emoticons are not sent correctly, for example, I send the emoticon (hehe) and he shows me another emoticon in the chat room




    9 hours ago, BadMan95 said:

    There are a lot of problems with bringing html5, and if these problems are not resolved, I am convinced that xat.com will lose a lot of users again.


    This part was NOT necessary. 

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  5. On 11/2/2020 at 5:31 PM, Abrahan said:



    The saturn / uranus smilies from the power planets would have to be automatically trimmed to fit the circular size (you can see it in the HTML5 chat in the example).


    We will probably make the image less big than on the demo but the idea is fantastic! 

    Any more ideas/improvements regarding groups list you wish to see ? 


    Anyways thank you Crow for your idea and Abrahan for your demo!


  6. 18 hours ago, Crow said:

    Maybe you could use cartoon planets instead of the circles with letters. You could take the smilies from the Planets power without creating new icons.



    Are you (or someone else) able to show a quick demo of what you meant ? (just the planet itself)


    It can help us to understand better the idea.


    Thank you!


  7. 2 hours ago, Mafia1 said:

    What if a feature is added to the chat, indicating the use of logo.



    Yes, we can eventually add something in edit to set a logo.


    If you have no logo, you will be shown the 2 letters thing.

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  8. 11 hours ago, Requests said:

    the chat is full of small "bugs" if I may say so, it will have a lot to lose with html5
    if you type quickly on the chat, not all messages are sent
    also, chat messages can be easily edited using inspect element, thousands of fake prints will be made, plus many other problems


    xat is dead !!


    That's a very constructive feedback! We hope to have more feedback like yours in the future.

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  9. As I was mentioning on Feedback chat, reactions list should be shown below the message (instead of the name) like you can see on a lot of platforms. In name, we cannot use much of space, so the space used should be kept for delete/quote and react.


    But i agree with how you react to message (emoji in name). Instead on clicking the emoji, it could be like the forum (hover) and you select your emoji.



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  10. 3 hours ago, HelperNate said:

    What if INCIDENTALLY your xat account password is exactly the same as another Main Owner's (set by main power)? What would happen? Might I suggest a dialogue box that can say something like:


    We do send another data to the backend (passHash/deviceId) to know which account to check. Even if you have the same password as someone else, it doesnt matter.

  11. 16 minutes ago, Maxo said:

    i think this topic shouldn't be posted here in NEW POWER TESTING forum,  it's already mentioned in @LaFleur's topic is enough.


    We did another thread to announce publicly this new MAIN power. I don't see a problem to have another thread for that since it was mainly planned this way with Lafleur.


    If you had read properly, MAIN power allows you to add custom permissions instead of full permissions.


    2 hours ago, Toby said:

    can I do this power if it is also set for admin? if the main owner wants to give access to admin


    What do you mean? You don't need the power to add another main. This is just required if you want to add custom permissions.

  12. I really like the idea and it's quite easy to implement it (at least the show/hide message).


    Anyways, I can agree that it can be kinda boring to sign out/in just to avoid including your PM in the screenshot. It reminds me of the FEXBots feature in their logs system (mail cannot be read in logs but hidden by default).

  13. It should've been posted in the bugs tracker since this is most likely a bug.


    On 6/23/2020 at 5:57 PM, Daniel said:

    Currently on the new chat edit, if an unregistered user creates a chat group or switches their existing group over to the new system by adding a new main owner, they will be unable to add themself as main owner or use the "get main" button as currently it only allows registered (logged in) users to do so.


    Unregistered users should still be able to own and manage a chat group on the new website and someone may want to add an unregistered user as main on their chat also.


    It will be fixed in the future.


    On 6/23/2020 at 5:57 PM, Daniel said:

    There's also a bug within this too, as if an unregistered user adds a main owner and moves their chat over to the new web, they will be unable to re-gain main via the old web and lose their rank in their chat unless they register.


    This is intended. You will not be able to gain main owner via old web anymore once a main owner were added on new web. 

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