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  1. Even better than macro, I think we can just have in settings (where you set mark word), a checkbox "Send notification when detected" and you receive a notification if the word is being sent in chat.


    I'm a little scared that it would become a mess if the word is sent X times  in the chat.


    But the idea sounds pretty neat.

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Drago1 said:

    My opinion would be that a setting should be added for this option where you can choose whether you want the animations to work as before or stop as now.


    A setting is planned and will be added (probably) in the next release or in the future.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Actavus said:

    Although for the original issue, I am not sure if fixed yet (As the issue happens at random. Sometimes I can go 1 ~ 2 weeks without seeing the issue).


    A fix is being worked on and should be released in the next few days. Hopefully it will fix the issue in general.

  4. Another update on "chat not loading":


    Since the latest release, it appears that if you are using the extension "uBlock origin", it will break xat (not just Malwarebytes/AdBlock).


    We suggest you to TEMPORARILY disable uBlock origin on xat if you wish to connect on HTML5. Admins are aware of this issue and a fix is being worked on (not related to GA but on the way scripts are loaded on xat).


    How to disable uBlock origin on xat (and refresh after that): 




    I'll post once we are sure the fix is working at 100% and it's available to all.


    Thank you for your patience.


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  5. 17 hours ago, Daniel said:

    With this being a very widely used extension, instead of recommending to disable it, a fix should be sought out.


    A fix is being worked on (we found the reason and it's not related to GA).


    I'll post there once we are sure it's okay and it's released for all.

  6. Hello,


    Do you have an extension called "uBlock" on your browser ? If so, try disabling it and see if it fixes the problem. You can see more information about this on my comment from another thread which is the same issue as yours: 



    If you don't have it, disable all the extensions you have on your browser and see if it fixes the problem.


    Let me know if one of those solutions are working.


  7. 3 hours ago, Actavus said:

    Here's some additional content incase it helps

    (This is one of the similar BUT different errors that prevents chats from loading):

    Console: https://prnt.sc/w9zp6h
    Console Code Location (Line 1735): https://prnt.sc/w9zpn2
    xat Chat Loading Nothing Visualization: https://prnt.sc/w9zpej



    Does it happen on every chats ? Since latest release ? Or since forever ? On your screenshot, it looks like it's blocking because of an extension.


    When looking at the extension id "cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm" from your screenshot, it's uBlock. Do you have it enabled ? If so, turn it off and try again ? For testing purposes, I installed this same extension on my side and i'm able to reproduce the problem; so uBlock is the origin of your issue (unless you prove i'm wrong about).




  8. Hello AeolusOphion,


    Can you try to open your dev console (on browser) on the page in question ? You can press F12 or right click on the page >  "inspect" and then go in the "console" tab when opened.


    Take a screenshot of this tab (make sure it doesnt have sensitive data) so we can see what is the problem.


    Also, what browser are you using ? Did you try disabling your browser extensions/clear your cache (not just cookies) to see if the problem was still there ? Does it happen in incognito mode ? 


    Thank you.

  9. If it was added in the "category" mode, users would know what is the function of the next power and it wouldn't be a surprise anymore.


    Probably a reason of why it's showing only in 9-1/1-9/a-z/z-a modes and I think xat likes to keep the function type as a surprise until it's released.


    Maybe we can simply add a "test powers" category in the categories mode so they are in one place and you wouldnt have to scroll over X categories to find it.


  10. 16 hours ago, Bau said:

    On the contrary, this idea is so that the chat is not inactive.


    For you, it wouldn't be annoying to see (for example) 4 announces messages in a row ? Personally talking, it would annoy me. I think, it should send if the chat is active to not spam the users.

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  11. I think all the ideas can be good apart from the "timed announce messages". In my opinion, it can be annoyed at some points if the chat is not active (no message send), so you will see a lot of announce messages.


    I had also the idea (from bots obviously but I guess xat can have it) to have "variables" like {id}, {regname}, {userscount}, etc... so you could do some cool announce message! Example: Hello {regname} and welcome on {chatname} ! There are actually {userscount} on the chat.

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  12. 13 hours ago, RobFerrari said:

    Having more than one xat tab open in html is an inexplicable lag.


    If it can reassure you and other people that are not enjoying HTML5 as some people do, xat will be looking at the lags issues as soon as possible.


    We hope to find a way before our dear Flash friend is gone.

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  13. If I understand well, you want something to automatically convert your link into bitly short code ?


    We thought of that scenario when making the LINK power dialog. I don't remember exactly why we didn't do that but I guess, we can try to implement it in the future if it can help users.

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  14. On 12/2/2020 at 5:32 PM, Crow said:

    If we implement this idea and xat (ticket) support decides to discredit this information going forward, because it's now available to users and phishers, it could make it more difficult to reliably verify users.



    If you are really worried about this, just send the transactions list by email like you can see on some sites where you ask your saved data ? So only the owner of the account can see it.

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