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Bug Comments posted by SLOom

  1. This is not an issue actually.


    The timestamp for pawns has expired and since HTML5 doesn't use this system, it works like a charm ;) 


    I emailed admins with explanations about this and should be fixed soon.

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  2. This is not something new and a similar issue was opened by Leandro a few months ago.


    To answer you, this is a lack of feature which is NOT added yet and not a bug.


    Since it was already reported, I'm closing this thread.

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  3. Hello,


    There is currently a bug with nameglow and namecolor which is forcing you to have HAT power to have both powers working.


    We are looking to fix it very soon!


    Thank you for reporting, you will be noticed when it is fixed.

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  4. This is not a HTML5 bug.


    @Angelo The bug he reported is when you add a "<3" on status, it will change your name (for other people) to "nope" which was done by purpose.


    Since this is not a HTML5 bug, i'm closing this thread.

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