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Bug Comments posted by SLOom

  1. Thank you for reporting.


    We have reported already this bug on our board.


    Info about this bug: Extras pawns are not implemented in private chats yet.

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  2. Okay, thank you.


    We have identified that it's an issue with Chrome. It seems that they have removed an element from what xat was using for smileys animations.


    A fix has been found to repair this issue but we do not have a date of when it will be fixed.

  3. Hello,


    We are fully aware with the issue on Edge and the homepage. I'll mail the administrators to take a look at that.


    Other issues are already reported on our bugs board.


    We do not have official dates for when it will be fixed.


    Thank you.

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  4. 28 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    rather than (hat#e#colour) is golden and you have to disable allpowers to colour it, as this is clearly not how it is supposed to work. 



    To color the egg, you must disable AllPowers first, and then add the color code after #e. For example: (hat#e#FFD800). If you don't have any gifts, you can color it without disabling AllPowers, by replacing #e with #g on the code above.

    Source: xat.wiki/allpowers



  5. @Ugurr


    This is not broken.


    You need to add a hat color to have the golden egg.


    E.g: (hat#e#r) and it will show the golden egg.




    This was made this way in the code.


    Please tell me if it works for you.


    If so, this should be added on the Allpowers wiki that a hat color is required to see golden egg correctly.

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  6. Well,


    I'd like to say that it doesn't happen only with glow. The issue here is the GetStrip6 file which HTML5 is using to load smilies as png format.


    When it has no valid smilies (such as the glow code), it will just load bot pawn or some random pawns.


    Another example:




    Hopefully it doesn't happen anymore when admins have fixed the file in question.


    I have changed the priority to normal since it's not breaking anything on the HTML5 chat.

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