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  1. Hello,


    Thank you for reporting.



    Step 5: Tempmem a user while being a moderator.


    Did the user refreshed after updating gcontrol ? 


    Btw, Is there are any more issues about gcontrol?



  2. Thank you for reporting.


    We have reported already this bug on our board.


    Info about this bug: Extras pawns are not implemented in private chats yet.

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  3. Okay, thank you.


    We have identified that it's an issue with Chrome. It seems that they have removed an element from what xat was using for smileys animations.


    A fix has been found to repair this issue but we do not have a date of when it will be fixed.

  4. Hello,


    We are fully aware with the issue on Edge and the homepage. I'll mail the administrators to take a look at that.


    Other issues are already reported on our bugs board.


    We do not have official dates for when it will be fixed.


    Thank you.

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