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Bug Comments posted by SLOom

  1. Press 'F12', go on the 'network' tab; refresh your page and then when it's fully loaded, check on the network tab if it loads pow2.


    What's the size you are using to have this issue?

  2. It's not because of the chat size. (Tried and worked fine http://i.imgur.com/q5Bs2q5.png)


    Pow2 (with all powers name) was badly/not loaded, so it shows only the number on your powers list.


    It does happens only with a few powers, because the old powers are stored in the chat, so it doesn't affect them.


    You have to refresh your page to have it fixed.


    If you have any questions about, feel free to post it.

  3. Did you tried to relogin on pc at least ?


    Because it probably doesn't send a packet but it can send something from mobile to the server to notice that you have added/removed.


    Edit : It sent a packet on my side : <f u=\"110110\" d=\"1527520346\" t=\"/b 1527520346,2\"  />


    Added 1527520346 on my mobile account.

  4. Does it breaks something on xat ? (Except break profile.swf ..)


    I tried as well on my side, it did same but it shouldn't work like that. (Pick up infos directly from the database and not from the xatspace)

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