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Bug Comments posted by SLOom

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    When sending an inline smiley code, such as :‍) :‍D ;‍) :‍o :‍p 8-‍) :‍@ :‍s :‍$ :‍( :'‍(  |-‍), it results in pristine smiley quality.


    Inline ones are integrated in the chat directly, that's why they are high quality compared to the external ones.


    After I really don't know the reason of why the external ones are low quality. Maybe, it has a feature to make it high quality somewhere in the chat. (not sure)

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    The PCBack bug seems to have gotten worse. Now, upon entering a chat with the HTML5 client, your PCBack will automatically appear.


    We are aware about this bug. Thanks.



    Also, on the HTML5 client, when you click on someone's name/picture (including your own), and the box with the options pops up, you cannot click away from it like you can on flash. You're forced to press the X.


    Why would you call it a "bug" ? 

  3. This is not a connection issue.


    You are asked to relogin on xat.com/login to update your account values according to Mike's comment since an exploit was recently found and fixed.



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  4. Seems good to me. (Tested on Chrome and Opera)


    8 minutes ago, 6 said:

    What seems to be the cause of this login issue, I experienced this the other day after I updated my flash.


    As you said, you probably need to update your flash player version. (Current version : or even forcing Chrome to use flash without run it this way.

  5. We are aware about this issue.


    The issue here is the websocket not being able to decode a text frame as UTF-8.


    I'll post here when it's fixed.


    Thank you for report.

  6. 2 hours ago, Cryo said:


    If we are going to be making the HTML5 client harder to use than the current flash one, they might as well stop working on it.


    Nothing is definitive. They will have to redo the same way than on flash since we have foe power.


    Foe power works only if you click the user from friendlist so let's pray to have it like flash.

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