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  1. At the moment, we can't do much since it's in beta and since we don't know if some users have this issue.


    This also means that it can be only on your side or not.


    But don't worry, the administrators are working on HTML5 and are working to fixing a lot of issues.


    I suggest you to try again later (when a new update is added) and then use the xat app during this time if you want to access xat chats.


    Thank you again and I hope that your problem is solved in the near future! 



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  2. Hello Nathan,


    To answer your question, yes it's a bug.


    I have noticed that the fix from this topic has broke more than one thing (included the one you have reported and another one I have found with Lafleur).


    Normally, the fix was made to show your status when you are un-banned from a gameban/ban and not when you don't own the power.


    I or @LaFleur will let know admins about so they can fix it fastly.


    Thank you for reporting.

  3. I think, I've suggested it to the admins on our Trello, but I want to be sure we are talking about the same thing.


    Do you mean something like that ? (With red header like buttons color ?)



  4. Hello iWild,


    Married/bff are not added yet on the app, it will come in the future.


    Remember also that the app is in beta, so it has a lot of bugs which will be fixed in the future.


    About superblastkick, what do you mean ? Can you give more details about please ?

  5. Since this doesn't seem to be a bug and a good amount of time has passed without any further response, this will be closed.


    If you'd clash into this again, feel free to open a new bug.

  6. I have hidden the previous answers because my fix wasn't valid.


    @Techy I have tested your fix on my side:


    • It works on avatar, but when you repeat 3 times (random#) it will show the main smiley and random smilies.
    • On chat, you can't do the main smiley anymore (RANDOM).
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