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  1. Since this doesn't seem to be a bug and/or a good amount of time has passed without any further response, this will be closed.


    If you'd clash into this again, feel free to open a new bug, giving as much detail as you can, including screenshots/gifs.


    Thank you!

  2. Did you had the same ID on FLASH and HTML5 ?


    Because I have tried flash/html5 and the gag was still there. (on both side)


    Make sure also that if you have no ID on html5 to click your name (to get an id) and see if the gag appears.



  3. This is actually an issue with tabs which admins are aware about. 


    We'll try to get it fixed for the next version.


    Thank you for reporting.


    I have edited the title with a better understanding of the issue.

  4. This is a known bug and away is not fully added/working.


    This is the same for typing.


    Thank you for reporting but we can't consider this bug as high priority at the moment.

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  5. I have checked on my side; and it doesn't seem to happen again.


    I'll now close this topic. Please open a new one if it happens again.


    Thank you.

  6. Ah! I wrote an answer about that but I wasn't sure, so I'll re-write for you.


    Your issue is because the gifts app is reading a page which is "cached" so, the update will not show directly.

    You have to clear your cache to see it updated, unfortunately.


    We'll try in the future to avoid this issue for HTML5.

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  7. No, nothing related to HTML5. This "bug" is here since a long time ago.


    The page is blank, because bad information are sent; so nothing is displayed.


    They must manually connect to the "editgroup" page and access the edit page.


    Normally, when they refresh the xat page and re-click "edit your chat", it should work.

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