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Bug Comments posted by SLOom

  1. As we received a good amount of information to find the problem; admins will be investigating the issue to find the solution (with a potential fix).


    I'll be posting again here once we know the problem is solved.


    Please post if you have more information to give (to reproduce the problem etc).



  2. 12 minutes ago, i1Category said:

    here it happens when I open another tab of some specific xat, with that I am directed to random chat box or what was already open in the side tab.

    example: open the browser and entered the xat trade, but I was referred to xat5, help, cambio. after a few F5 I am directed to the right chat box


    https://prnt.sc/xpxgv3 , https://prnt.sc/xpxg11


    So, you visit a chat randomly and it happens?


    Do you have the issue if you try in incognito mode? (private mode of your browser)

  3. 7 minutes ago, Lemona said:

    @SLOomSome people aren’t able to see their actual xavi creation in the chat. It just shows the default xavi (the one with orange hair). I believe it’s been reported before, but it happens to a lot of people.


    Ah, I see.


    Thank you.

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  4. Can someone enlighten me on what's wrong? I cannot understand the problem.


    Maybe with screenshots, it would be better.



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  5. Hello,


    I understand that you are not very happy with bugs not being fixed immediately.


    When you report a bug, we cannot guarantee that it will be fixed in the next versions.


    To clarify, we are looking and fixing bugs that have an important priority (breaking stuff) in first and then low priority like commas issues later.


    I hope this is more clear, but dont worry; bugs are always fixed one day.


    For the married/bff issue, did you try to clear your cache? Did you relogin?



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