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Bug Comments posted by SLOom

  1. This is the same on every websites including Slack/Discord etc.


    What you want xat to do if there will always have a way to "bypass" ?


    If you have an idea which wouldn't be bypassed, then suggest it here (disable right click/or f12 is not a solution).

  2. This is an issue with private chat only.


    It's now handled with the administrators.


    Once fixed, you will be noticed on there.


    Thank you.

  3. We are now looking for gcontrol issues to be solved.


    If you know some features from gcontrol which are not working, please post there please!

  4. This is not the only smiley having this issue.


    The problem regarding this smiley is, because of the first 3 letters which is probably a word added in xat filter or in BAD power.


    We will fix this in the future.


    Thank you.

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