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  1. Nice idea, why not.. but you can always uncheck/check it from your powers list. It should be an feature, not a power.
  2. SLOom


    Why not, it would be nice to have this power made. We don't have much "color smiley power". (Always yellow....) I like your suggestion.
  3. Okay. Btw, you can use num + supercycle + symbol that you want.. but nice suggestion.
  4. Did you try to do your code with a bot ? If yes, it's normal, it's bot fault, not num power.
  5. Num + "♫" + Supercycle.
  6. Damn .. my photoshop skills suck... :(


    1. SLOom


      Can you not.... naughty girl :(:$ 

    2. 6


      I was thinking the same..

    3. Matthew
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  7. SLOom

    Fox Grey Power

    We have already a kfox power even it doesn't have the same design. Nice work.
  8. That "problem/thing" is here since long time .. Someone had already reported this "issue". if you are in stealh mode, it's supposed to hide only the rank (if someone clicks your name), and not the pawn on message. So no, it's not a bug, it wasn't changed for latest pawns (Purple/Gold/Blueman/Pink/Everypower) like @Brandon said. After, there's a bug when you are in stealth mode, if you pass from owner to moderator, the pawn will not be displayed for you but for others yes. (To fix the problem, just reconnect to the chat.)
  9. SLOom

    Slushie power

    New kind of smiley, why not. Like it.
  10. Admins are aware about this, and i'm pretty sure they are working to fix the 3D name thing; (Idk about the big smilie.)
  11. Already suggested by Verite before. (If you mean to change the everypower color pawn.) http://community.xat.com/forum/site-support-and-suggestions/suggestions/28676-everypower-add-on
  12. SLOom

    Owl Power

    Woo.... Very nice!!! I like it. (The pawn is... awesome)
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