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  1. We will probably make the image less big than on the demo but the idea is fantastic! Any more ideas/improvements regarding groups list you wish to see ? Anyways thank you Crow for your idea and Abrahan for your demo!
  2. There is a end to everything. The future is between our hands with HTML5 et i'm glad we will finally be able to kill Flash from xat. It will (for sure) affect a lot of users but they will need to get used to something new.
  3. Are you (or someone else) able to show a quick demo of what you meant ? (just the planet itself) It can help us to understand better the idea. Thank you!
  4. Yes, we can eventually add something in edit to set a logo. If you have no logo, you will be shown the 2 letters thing.
  5. That's a very constructive feedback! We hope to have more feedback like yours in the future.
  6. The system of update is different of flash for HTML5. We recover the changes through an API and it appears that it's at least cached for 30 mins - 1 hour. You can use the "cb" param to speed up the update of your changes (will only be applied for you). i.e: https://xat.com/Html5?cb=1234
  7. I meant, you were still on version 1.50 and not 1.51 ...
  8. You are not using the latest version of xat. Clear your cache and it should be ok.
  9. SLOom

    Toon users

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. SLOom

    Namegrad Bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. SLOom

    Member-only bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. It has been considered since years but hasn't been added yet. You can expect it to be added in a future version of HTML5.
  13. Confirmed bug. Thank you for reporting.
  14. Thank you for reporting but we are already aware of this!
  15. SLOom

    Bug HTML5

    Changed Status to Fixed
  16. Changed Status to Fixed
  17. Changed Status to Fixed
  18. Changed Status to Fixed
  19. @LaFleur Can you recheck this please ? Seems good now (on my side).
  20. SLOom

    Rapid reason

    Changed Status to Fixed
  21. SLOom

    Rapid reason

    Fixed in latest version. It will now strip commas from reason to prevent this since it's mainly used as separator.
  22. SLOom


    Changed Status to Fixed
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