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  1. SLOom

    rankpool bug

    Thank you. This is now handled with the administrators. Once fixed, you will be noticed on there.
  2. SLOom

    bug days

    This is an issue with private chat only. It's now handled with the administrators. Once fixed, you will be noticed on there. Thank you.
  3. SLOom

    zoom days

    Thank you. This has been handled with the administrators.
  4. SLOom

    GControl issues

    We are now looking for gcontrol issues to be solved. If you know some features from gcontrol which are not working, please post there please!
  5. SLOom

    Christmas Smilie

    I'm not sure why but xb1 was never uploaded. I think it will be removed in the future. But anyways, thank you for reporting.
  6. I'll be closing this thread since no answer has been posted since last year.
  7. SLOom

    Pawn changing

    This bug has been fixed. I'll be closing this thread now.
  8. SLOom

    smiley bar

    Thank you for reporting. This bug has been already handled by testers and admins. Once fixed, a comment will be posted there.
  9. Thank you for reporting. The bug has been handled on our bugs board and will be fixed in the future. Once fixed, a comment will be posted.
  10. New smilies and pawns have been uploaded. Smilies: springtime, spbee, spbird, spflower, spladybug, sppaint, spplant, sprainy, spsnow, spsun Pawns: hat#hf, hat#hs, hat#hb, hat#hr
  11. Admins made it this way so, it works and doesn't require extra work for mobile. If they want to move it in the future, they will but for now, there is no plan to make it like Flash.
  12. Great work, @Mihay ! I think, you can improve more in your next powers. But anyways, It's nice to see that smilies powers are not entirely gone from xat (/s).
  13. If you say that it's not something regarding gambling/lottery, then we are in good term with your idea. I was just saying that, since xat is really restricted in a few things and it's not the time to get in trouble because of laws. Ok, that's fine then. Thank you for your answer regarding this!
  14. It has been handled on our bugs board. You will be noticed when it is fixed. Thank you.
  15. I'm kinda worried about something regarding this idea after reading Crow comment. Do you get a "mystery box" each time you buy the power ? Or it's happening randomly? If it's randomly, it's considered as "gambling/lottery" which is something xat can't do because of UK laws (like a blackfriday we used to have in the past). But anyways, the idea is interesting. It could be interesting to be able to choose the theme and maybe the amount of powers you want in the box (for people who can't spend much xats). But regarding the final price of the box, is it automatically calculated or you have to put an amount of xats? To be honest, I was lazy to read the full post, so if you can enlighten me a little on this.. Keep up the good work!
  16. SLOom


    I'm not seeing any issues with that. We have stickers which are kinda big and i'm not seeing any people spamming them? If they do spam gifs, you can simply ban them? What if you can zoom the gif by clicking it? If it was about to be implemented, the first thing which will be added is a setting to disable gifs in chat, so if it gives lags to the users, they can simply turn it off. No, users would still spend money on powers like the ones you mentioned (because of everypower). You think you can do "gif combinations" like you can do with a smiley power? No. Gifs can be a great experience for xat and also a modern thing (outside of powers etc) but can still be restricted in the use of that.
  17. Admins have been aware of this situation since months (and probably years for people bypassing the bot power), and it's not bothering them until it becomes a real problem. If they see that it's highly abused, they would probably take actions against the bot in question. Yet again, it's a choice to have 2 bots on a chat if they are here for a specific reason (spotify/games etc), not sure why there is a reason to complain about. If there is a bot you don't want, just ban it and you're good I guess? But anyways, I think Ocean should have the same system as FEX and ARC (confirm a bot), so if a bot is not confirmed by a main owner, it wouldn't stay on the chat and then 0 problem. To clarify (even tho nothing is official yet), this shouldn't be an issue very soon! We are waiting for feedback from the administrators regarding the potential ideas. Things that should need to be discussed with admins and see if we can fix them.
  18. 3 news smilies have been added to the collection: slarrow, slbroke, slpair You also need LOVEPOTION to complete the collection.
  19. SLOom

    Update message

    I still see sometimes so I guess it's not fixed.
  20. You can have 2 bots as long as you don't abuse it. We know that most of the groups are using Ocean for Spotify (example: Sobhet) and another one for Games (or something else). So, it's not a problem.
  21. We might consider this for lang power and all groups powers in general for the new edit group, so it's more easier to import/export from one chat to another chat!
  22. SLOom

    Smilie FAGIRL

    This is not the only smiley having this issue. The problem regarding this smiley is, because of the first 3 letters which is probably a word added in xat filter or in BAD power. We will fix this in the future. Thank you.
  23. Ah. It's because when you are connected to the chat for the first time, you have no ID. So when you click on your name, it will reconnect you to generate an ID. I don't think, it's something we can remove unfortunately.
  24. I'm not sure to understand this. Can you elaborate more about this? Are you talking about the idle time? Like, if you don't talk, you are automatically disconnected from chat/server? We could consider adding something on HTML5 about this, but we need to view this point with admins directly.
  25. Login is also relied with HTML5. If you do login on xat.com/login, it will also login for HTML5. You just have to ignore the "Flash" part because a Javascript script will do the job for HTML5.
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