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  1. Why not, Why not.. Long time we didn't have a new gamerace game. Nice idea.
  2. SLOom

    Hashtag power

    Hashtag system is used on a lot of social networks. (facebook, twitter) and why not on Xat ? Xat can easily make a hashtag system by their own way. The point about audies is right, it can be easily moved on another keyboard symbol like "&screamman" or juste "_screaman" ... since it's not used alot. "Surely it wouldn't be too hard to link hashtags to the search feature? " - No it wouldn't be hard if they do it like (link) works. @Junior : Plus, even if it's not twitter, we can have something similar ! And why always a power when we can have it as a feature ... T
  3. SLOom

    Hashtag power

    You can always add a limit per message on GCONTROL. (Example: If the limit is 2 hashtags per message, even if you send 10 hashtags, only 2 hashtags will show, and the other in audio symbol.)
  4. SLOom

    Hashtag power

    Instead of having only "Hashtag" smilies, we should also have a hashtag system .. (Yes I know, we are not on twitter) but it would be fun. Btw, the smilies are good. Example: If someone sent the word "#gold", it will be linked (or whatever) and if you click it, the search page is opened and search for the word "gold" like it does for twitter. (I'm pretty sure this idea was suggested on the old forum.) No nvm, i don't think, it's a good idea.
  5. If you could read on the first page, it was already reported.
  6. Happy easter! c:

  7. No. Plus, it would be useful to know if your bff/married divorced without telling you and check for the person.
  8. I'm booorrredd :(:( 

  9. Thanks bad boy ... Happy easter to you too !
  10. Thank you, Joyeuse Pâques (In french) // Happy easter to you !
  11. It's the picture quality, not xat lol
  12. Issues with APP icon when GKAOANI and EBUNNY (ebback) power are added as gback smiley: EBUNNY: GKAOANI: I don't know if it was reported for the GKAOANI one.
  13. An improvement of your idea: On the list of powers, Xat should add a box for "Show off powers" and that way you can check those you want to reactivate instead of the " /powerson" even if i know it's more faster with the cmd. (No need to turn all off) And i didn't say, your idea was idea but it should only be a feature, not a power.
  14. Nice idea, why not.. but you can always uncheck/check it from your powers list. It should be an feature, not a power.
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