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    Outer Glow

    Something like this :
  2. After looking for several solutions about this thread, I arrived at a result that should be good: On the left, it's my version and on the right it's the Xat client. As you can see, the pawns are visible even if I'm in stealth mode. Xat has just set a value to remove all pawns.
  3. This one please and YES, more free smilies would be cool instead of always premium things. http://i.imgur.com/bgUPeVE.png
  4. What about a pawn when you get (noaudie) ? Seriously ... why a pawn when you get all limited powers ? Everypower isn't enough for "all" powers ? Or if you want something when you get all limited power, it's better to get something like (alllimited) ... (example of allpowers) Anyway, i'm not fan of this diamond pawn, sorry.
  5. This has been suggested multiple times.. no need to suggest it again..
  6. I wanted to testing RANDOM on KOALA with SIZE power but it seems, it broke my code each time. (I don't know if it's only me.) Example with (randomkoala#size#w5#eyes) : I tried to setup directly the code on the FEXBot's panel, but it's same. It only happens if we add "size" of the code. If it's an issue, please tell admins to fix it.
  7. If smilies are really FROM you, it's very good.
  8. Before complaining, please read small sentences written on the page powers. Plus, admins have the right to change the status/price of a power anytime and anywhere.
  9. Make donations to people in my family and person in difficulty. Able to invest in future projects. Buy a nice and big house. There is so much to do with a lot of money, but it is better to pay with kindness from what we got from some people. (As parents who have paid everything for you.)
  10. Actually it sounds better for us to have more communication from admins compared to before where we have nothing from them. I hope it will stay like that.
  11. What "other" have to do with the topic? I'm talking about you. You're always spirited to link your country relative to powers while on xat there are lots of countries connected to xat. If Mother's Day has already passed (for your country) is one thing, but do not forget that there are other countries and xat gives itself the right to make a power to this famous festival. Do not forget also that it remains a "power" and not something important that you can actually have. Plus, if I replied to your message, it's that something was wrong and did not like. Let u
  12. Ok Paul, can you stop think only for your country ? Did you think about other countries ? In France, it's in May, 29 so it's not late for a motherday power even if for you, it's already late. (Who even care about anyway ?) Plus, a "family" power directly, why not but xat won't working by this way. If they want to make a power for each, they will do it. If they do like you suggested, they will lose money on it (family thing), so that's why they do multiple powers of this kind because of money. (Am i wrong ? I don't think because it's the truth if you see about all animal power, abou
  13. Like i suggested on Xat_Test 2 days ago, this suggestion should working with macro and not with a power. (Please free things, everyone should be able to use it) Example : If you want to use old smiley, you will need to type the macro "$oldsmilie=on" and all smilies will be changed to the old one. And for new smilies : $oldsmilie=off. This idea is not hard to do, they only need to check if the macro is fixed to on/off and check for the smileys directory. (According to my idea, after i don't know if it needs something else to working.)
  14. Need to understand what, seriously ? Vols have access to history trade/transfers. Do you think, they can't do much with it if xat doesn't know about it? They shouldn't have access to it. Volunteers are normal users but they have access and us, we don't have access. Is it normal ? No. Xats/Powers are nothing related to security question, and i don't think (like someone said), scammer doesn't care about the history but more about to steal the xats/days/powers. But if you people think, it's a "security question"... We can't do much for you. It's not like if xat is sharing (From IP : t
  15. I didn't say, it needs to be made into a power but i agree on what are you saying, a page is enough, after that remains a choice to the user to manage the values (or only check history) and do everything himself (if he knows)
  16. Already why the accounts are easily accessible? Xat look not only IP address but also the ISP. (If i'm not wrong) For example, my parents both have the same ISP and I can connect without problems. If Xat would look only IP, access an account will be harder. (Apart from the swf method if it's still working) Your first point is good, but we are here for talking about "ideas", no need to being rude, i suggested only something if it needs more security. (But i'm not for this idea) And of course yes they are going to steal ONLY xats/days/powers. The idea should be
  17. We're talking about something that will "show" logs, not on making statistics. (According to Jedi's idea.) If statistics needs to be here, it can be done with a google tool (E.g: Eventstats)
  18. There are not only traders on Xat. I don't think using an excell file is very useful and faster when the thing can be done automatically. (E.g : Events.) On xat, we need only to note manually "password", "email", "auth code" and not the actions we do on XAT, that side is xat which manages to do what we want. (logs) Getting back on the idea of Jedi, it is good and it would be pretty cool to have a look at the transfers and trade instead (again) to do a ticket for a simple question. If you do not want someone who does not own the account and that should not see the
  19. "Unaware" isn't the word. You can easily run Wireshark (or another software) and see/save logs so there are still nothing related to security and it was removed because someone asked for it. (Techrax) For your second point, what about if someone has access to the account, made a ticket and ask for transations logs (Since he has your password)? "What's your last trade/transfers" he said his last trade/transfers with my account, and vols (without problems) tells him what he wants. What's again related to security ? Nothing because there ARE not security. Someone who ha
  20. The point of what ? The SECURITY QUESTION ???? But why xat added it before if it's supposed to be security question ? Explain me this.
  21. Something you and volunteers DON'T understand : What's useful about asking for transations ? Nothing. (Oh numbers and powers!!!) Before we could easily see transfers from a xat packet but since it was removed, we can't anymore. Tell me what's related to security ? Nothing again. If it was a security question, why xat added it before from xat packets ? Showing logs of transfers/trade is nothing if it doesn't show personal user informations. (IP/password etc...)
  22. If he hated this, why have activated the command? (I do not think she was turned on by default) If the message bothered him, he just had to disable and not ask admins to remove the packet. (Coincidentally, the admins have done without pressure.) @Elie : To be honest, i don't care about ticket. Tickets are here when you are locked out/scammed/lost your auth code etc.. not for asking a logs. And what about if someone has access to my account and i would like to see my logs without asking on ticket ? The guy is going to write on a paper what he did on my account and gonna give m
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