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  1. I guess, if we hadn't already "popcorn" smiley, the 's' wouldn't be here so I think it was the best solution even if there is only one popcorn.. haha.
  2. Good job again, @Junior.
  3. We need a CSTOP smiley.
  4. Nice idea ... i thought about something like CQUESTION [preview] since we have a smilie (cattention) with "!!!" char. And what about a CBACK where you can set your own "comics" like (TEXT#cback#bubbletype) ? (My idea/Paul's idea) You should also change the comic/bubble type (To change it like a POW/BOOM/BANG comic etc)... Example : (hello_word#cback#powb) => for a "POW" comic.
  5. Yeah, it seems, admins messed up with the message box. Will be fixed on the next version.
  6. Nothing, the app works fine on Android, popup messages are just broken.
  7. It's same on Android. You can't see the married/bff icon on the app actually. I think, it will be fine on the future release of the app since it's still in beta. Plus, about your next post, bump doesn't work on mobile. (I think, it will be added later)
  8. SLOom

    Mobile suggestions

    But it seems to working with TOM/Bignum .. so i think it should be fixed..
  9. SLOom

    Mobile suggestions

    I didn't know about. Thanks.
  10. SLOom

    Mobile suggestions

    Yeah it should. Remember on the old version (when they started to release it), it worked fine with the orange pawn, and could get pc notifications friendly (even if you weren't on the app) but it seems to not working yet on the 1.33 I hope, it works on 1.34
  11. SLOom

    Mobile suggestions

    It shows the orange pawn only if you are not connected on Xat right ? I think Lafleur means to have something when you are on a chat and wants to notice people with something that show he's on mobile.
  12. SLOom

    Mobile suggestions

    I think that it's not necessary to show (with pawn) when someone is on mobile, even if they had this idea on the old version of mobile (m.xat.com) But I think (improving the idea of Arthur), when you click a user, it would showing "on Xat mobile" with the rank etc... (Admins just have to add a "flag" in the user information that can determine whether if the user is on mobile or not.) For the idea of the icon, it's not really "useful" given the number of users who will use the application .... I don't think, admins want to waste their time for it.
  13. I sent a fix to admins days ago (idk if they took mine) and it will be fixed probably on next client liked Maverick said if they haven't forget it. It happens to forget a line code.
  14. Here are some suggestions that could be added to the application. Some suggestions for mobile : Add tickle tab or a notification on phone instead and prevent against having 100 notifications of the same user ? (Example : Tom2(225248065) tickled you on the chat @xat5) Add a notification when there is a new xat app update instead of checking wiki each time (Example : New xat app update is available....) Add a player to read Youtube videos. Add a search bar on powers list (So i won't waste my time on looking for power xD) Being able to delete cha
  15. I did not even want to say "Bravo", so I'll skip that word. They do not deserve this cup, but the price of stealing the game. If the referee would not have been blind, France would have gained much, but considering that the referee confuses a black and white hand (no racism), portugal won easily. France has played better, compared to Portugal with all their false comedies "Oh damn i'm out" to save time and waste time for the French. A great example on this picture : I think it's not normal that Portugal won by cheating. (Do not tell
  16. YEAHHH FRANCE !!! Germany out !!! 2 - 0
  17. France 5 - 2 Iceland Grats both team!!!
  18. It can be cool so, and stop displaying the nicknames that use smileys glitches. Btw, It's not a bad idea to display the regname + ID (or just the regname...) instead of the name to get something cleaner.
  19. Read the full sentence, not the first 6 words... I spoke of "images" already playable, not about what you just said. And everybody can not "edit" a swf like you can do even if it is useless to do that.
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