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  1. Hello AeolusOphion, Can you try to open your dev console (on browser) on the page in question ? You can press F12 or right click on the page > "inspect" and then go in the "console" tab when opened. Take a screenshot of this tab (make sure it doesnt have sensitive data) so we can see what is the problem. Also, what browser are you using ? Did you try disabling your browser extensions/clear your cache (not just cookies) to see if the problem was still there ? Does it happen in incognito mode ? Thank you.
  2. Please use the bugs tracker if you wish to report a bug. You can find the bugs tracker here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/chat/ Thank you.
  3. If it was added in the "category" mode, users would know what is the function of the next power and it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. Probably a reason of why it's showing only in 9-1/1-9/a-z/z-a modes and I think xat likes to keep the function type as a surprise until it's released. Maybe we can simply add a "test powers" category in the categories mode so they are in one place and you wouldnt have to scroll over X categories to find it.
  4. SLOom

    Announce2 power

    For you, it wouldn't be annoying to see (for example) 4 announces messages in a row ? Personally talking, it would annoy me. I think, it should send if the chat is active to not spam the users.
  5. SLOom

    Announce2 power

    I think all the ideas can be good apart from the "timed announce messages". In my opinion, it can be annoyed at some points if the chat is not active (no message send), so you will see a lot of announce messages. I had also the idea (from bots obviously but I guess xat can have it) to have "variables" like {id}, {regname}, {userscount}, etc... so you could do some cool announce message! Example: Hello {regname} and welcome on {chatname} ! There are actually {userscount} on the chat.
  6. We are aware of this issue and admins are working on a fix.
  7. SLOom

    Youtube pop-up

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. If it can reassure you and other people that are not enjoying HTML5 as some people do, xat will be looking at the lags issues as soon as possible. We hope to find a way before our dear Flash friend is gone.
  9. If I understand well, you want something to automatically convert your link into bitly short code ? We thought of that scenario when making the LINK power dialog. I don't remember exactly why we didn't do that but I guess, we can try to implement it in the future if it can help users.
  10. If you are really worried about this, just send the transactions list by email like you can see on some sites where you ask your saved data ? So only the owner of the account can see it.
  11. We are already aware that commas are removed in status. A reply will be posted once it's fixed.
  12. SLOom


    Another and good update: Weserv is currently testing a fix and it seems Imgur is working again (for now). Please try it and tell us if it's working for you or not!
  13. @Dani-De-Virreyes Issue fixed. Can you try again?
  14. SLOom


    Another update on images from weserv owner: Unless they find a solution to be unblocked (we hope so), xat users definitely need to use another image provider as mentioned before if they want their images to work on xat. I'll continue to post if we have more updates about this.
  15. Edit: Mailed admins about. I'll post updates here when I know more about.
  16. You sure it's not working ? I have set up the redirect to "sl0om" on "rubyyy" and it redirects fine to sl0om? Have you tried to clear your cache or do something like xat.com/YOURCHAT?z=2 ?
  17. SLOom

    Youtube pop-up

    Confirmed bug. This is because of a Content Security Policy issue that wasn't here before. We will try to get this fixed in the next version.
  18. SLOom

    Blastpro power bug

    Blastpro is not added on HTML5 yet.
  19. Hello, This is an update on image not showing anymore on xat. As you may have noticed, most of the images are not working anymore. The problem is NOT on our side but on weserv's side (imgur fault). Affected by the issue: avatars, chat background, group background. Weserv has been blocked on IP-level by Imgur which makes all new imgur images not showing anymore on xat (most of cached ones are not affected by this issue). An issue has been opened on their github, and they are actively looking for an option to solve this issue. Example: https://images.weserv.nl/?h=80&url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FIaKLOZ5.png Reminder: We are using weserv to cache and resize your images, so they are loading better in chat. If you are using imgur, we suggest you to switch on another image provider (whitelisted by xat) until Imgur has un-blocked Weserv. You can find a list of whitelisted images providers here: https://xat.wiki/images
  20. BLACKFRIDAY is coming soon on xat! Let's start celebrating it with this power of the week called DARKFRIDAY! Name: DARKFRIDAY ID: 612 Status: Limited Smilies: darkfriday,daballoons,dacart,dadino,dadiscount,dafavourite,dagift,darefresh,dasale,nomoney,yesmoney Hats: hb, hf, hr
  21. I'd rather have a "long press" feature where it shows what you defined (except favorite). Example: You long press the chat line and it shows a popup with the options. Not something implemented on server side .. not sure if we can do that. Black color on a black background ? Don't think it matches much By the way, thank you. We will analyze the different ideas with the admins and see what we can conclude for the next releases. Feel free to suggest more ideas before it's too late
  22. Hello, Admins have been notified of the problem and should be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks
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